What banning Pwar means.

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by The_Philosopher, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. True but then hansels will just become the new PWar tools... And you won't need money out to farm them

    There is the option of once a side earns a certain % more then the other side auto forfeit happens. But that would just shorten pwars And could effect real wars 

    Then you could have it where tax disappears if players leave the clan that stops HnR to will hinder pwars starts making clan loyalty (well at least for 48 hours)
  2. Hansels wouldn't b the new pwar tool, cuz they would b too weak with just one building, and the osf side would need a bunch of hansels varying in strength so after one was too strong, u hit a weaker one, but that would take way too much time
  3. Not if you plan it right and follow a hitting pattern, and go mix build then either way you could still make any wars tax go to one player wether it real war or PWar if a clan wars it's self and sets it up to grow their osf they can just make tax go to osf.
  4. So are you in favour of getting rid of or keeping them?
  5. I actually like the idea of ending pwars the ads are annoying
  6. Lol either way it swings the devs are gonna screw the pooch on this one. The only way to meet the game intent of war being war instead of a turtle fight is to eliminate spies completely but that ain't gonna happen. The system is flawed as all get out but it's the one we got. You take away the ff button to get rid of pw causes the exodus approach. You take plunder away for those who leave then planning is done more carefully and members are all there ahead of time. You base forfeiture on a percentage one side may be ahead of the other you not only hinder real wars but you would actually increase the number of pws as it would take more than one to feed the thieves. So I've ranted I'm sure all the ass hats will complain of punctuation and grammar but if I was worried bout that it wouldn't be a rant. So in close I say give the devs rope to hang themselves as soon as thier wallets hurt things will be back as they have been.
  7. Anyone ever thought of an EB like war? Between two clans and whoever finishes first gets the opposing clan's reward? Nothing like 24 hrs but kind of like they are now, 3-5 hours to make things faster. Just a thought.
  8. Personally speaking, our clan has been building an OSF for at least 6-7 months now, near BC at last but then we don't draw in huge amounts of massive hitters like some of the bigger clans, hence we are lucky to make 120 bi or so per pw, and it's hard work for all concerned. But, we like the mix of pw's , EB's etc and try to enjoy what the game offers. In a way I'll be sad to see pw's go. In my opinion the best way to to it is to make real war and EB's more profitable, simple as that, especially real war.
  9. Furthermore I think the war system will be overhauled to stop the pw's being possible. Kind of like how they calculate reward in EB at the moment and if you leave, your reward goes. They will just implement that system into a war scenario, 24 hour wars etc seem to be looming as well (as per the all star wars next week, possibly a testing ground for the new war system?). I've been playing a year now, it's an ever changing game, it's not a bad thing in my opinion. I just don't want to have wasted any time or effort and want to enjoy the game ( got tis only a game ).
  10. Ps sorry for autocorrect spaz spelling. Happy kawing folks 
  11. @ iSuperman, i came uo with that idea in killzones update thread
  12. @xg, it would be a nice alternative right? Same competetion in a way. Since there's a lot of pwar noobs who don't like to hit actual ppl and cry oh no take away pwars I quit. They got that way cuz mommy and daddy says ok to charge their card as long as it's not p0rn 
  13. On a side note, anyone else agree the way they did it was very well handled?
  14. What's funny is he is now a hansel 
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