What banning Pwar means.

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by The_Philosopher, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. I said that's the goal with epic battles during the pre-release of the pve update, and what I was talking about. However, attached to that statement was the event that epic battles are supposed to eventually replace pwars to the point where the devs can mechanically make pwars impossible (minus the focused single-person war tax income).

    That's why I was implying currently that pwars will be completely removed from the game, because eventually they will.
  2. Cor game set match
  3. Eventually, everything gets old...
  4. @cor: what I'm saying is that clans have had a long time to funnel pw taxes into strip banks. There are clans out there with tens of trillions or more sitting in strip banks. IMO, this is an unprecedented achievement. Yes, there have always been strip wars, and yes, there will always be strip wars (this is a fact, and it is independant of the existence of pw's). My argument is that the existence of these heavily funded strip banks would cause a definite imbalance between the top clans, and the rest of us IF the ability to fund these banks (at the current rate) is removed over night from the game. Does that make sense? As long as the mechanics to fund these banks exist for everyone, then it remains fair.
  5. ARK, then I believe we are split on opinion. I'm of the belief that without pwar-funded strip banks income will still be high enough for sustained stripping for said pwar-funded strip banks to show their advantage. The only point that it becomes 'unbalanced/unfair', is if that strip war extends into the months and all the pwar-funded strip banks are on one side, a highly unlikely occurance.
  6. Even if an epic awarded 300bill for a win, split that among a clan of 30, it's 10bill each. Even if done once a day. Non nob abusers will still never lcbc. Broken game.

    How many of the thousands of players make 10bill a day or more? Top 5%? so the top 5% have a chance at lcbc? Leaving 95% with no chance.

    Philo. Get off your coward alt. Man up. Post on your main. What's your excuse for posting on coward alt? That's right, you already admitted it. Cause your scared of getting hit for having an opinion. That's what you said. Rofl! Your a coward in every sense of the word.
  7. Bob, I have never purchased nobs. I have purchased 2 xstal packs (20 dollar ones) and the propacks (but used those nobs long before t4). I agree with u that the economy is broken, but I still managed to bc last week. I know other players who have never nobbed or bought propacks or crystals and will reach bc within a month or two. The key is playing the ally market.

    I still agree that the economy is broken, and the grind is too much. That is why I continue to advocate for plunder increases and better paying eb. But it is not impossible.

    Ark- older clans will have all kinds of advantages, bigger players, longstanding alliances, game knowledge, it goes on and on. Ending pwars would actually end the ability of some players to tax the kaw community at large and would actually serve to level the playing field over time.

    The usefulness of strip banks is debateable. That is dead money most of the time (not earning money in the ally market). If a clan is truly dedicated to eachother and willing to sacrfice they can work together to fund strips as necessary.
  8. I was a member of Voodoo when they did a 48h haunting tournament to see how many could be completed by two internal clans.

    I wasn't the most active or record the highest plunder or even complete the most during the 48h and i did use max crystals during that period but I made approx 120b which is a scary amount.

    There's no way I could make that much in a pwar over the same amount of time as a hitter.

    I agree about the strip bank concerns raised in this thread but several players making this kind of money then vt'ing money across to the bank and you are close to a pwar tax if not more. Far more drawn out process but it's doable.
  9. I think I've stated my opinion clearly enough that it needs no further elaboration, and I believe that my concerns are valid. As cor said it's a matter of opinion, and only time will tell who's speculation will ultimately be the most accurate.

    Having said that, I would like to point out my name is AKRhino, that's A-K-R, I have no affiliation with any of the ark clans, nor have I ever. AK for short, thanks all 
  10. Sorry ak, must be the ol dyslexia kicking in
  11. Back to back haunting IS some boring ****.
  12. Agree there ace. Varity or a mix of pwars and pves will keep this game exciting for me.
  13. Hi again dr Phil. Check my losses...see how many pots I've dropped to get hlbc
  14. What the devs can do is make it so that only the losing side can forfeit.


    Next issue.
  15. Ok dr Phil....let's say they changed Wars to pay out like EBs...where your reward is payed based off number of successful actions and cost of pots used...Can you tell me how to corrupt that?

    At fg...10bil a day? Lol!! 20-40bil a day is easy to earn in from ebing. God forbid you uses xstals and double that.

    And let's not forget, BC isn't suppose to be easy, it never was. The problem is pws have filled a war game with tree hugging hippies that are far to scared to war in fear they might stunt their growth.

    Guess what pw babies...you don't have to hlbc to war!!!! It's true I emailed the devs and they said you can war at any stat!!!!!!!
  16. That was a great thread and an interesting thread. Kudos
  17. Interesting...
  18. Hmm. I play a number of games (None of them MMORPG, like kaw) witch have build limits on certain buildings. You add a cap to the amount of SOSs or Guilds and PWs are gone. How could you bypass that? OSFs would be very, very small. Players (Espessially large ones.) WOuldnt get a good enough payout from them. The things devs dont just say "No more PWs" and simply banish them, is due to the amount of PW noobs that would quit if they took away there beloved PWs. Hence, the devs try to replace them, EBs. Next, the update to the war system. They just want to replace PWs.
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