What banning Pwar means.

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by The_Philosopher, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. True enough, but that's also true about most other bugs/exploits/methods of income changed/removed up until now. It's a short term advantage.
  2. Yes, donating actual gold. As in pre-pwars.
  3. Yes 3nnui it would be great to make eb pay better but remember these r greedy devs. The wont make PvE's pay better they will make pwars pay less by doubling the war tax. Then instead of a payout in gold it'll be some new currency that u can't use to buy lands and buildings with. 
  4. @cor: there has been no bugs/exploits/methods of income that even come close to the amount of gold that can be generated through pw's. Clans can bank well over a trillion gold in a week. There is no comparison. You cannot suddenly remove that from the game. Good luck funding your strip bank through EB's, they simply cannot compete. This is a "problem" brought on solely by the devs. What spurred pw's popularity? T4. The highlands made it worse.
  5. I agree with Rhino. The devs have no one to blame but themselves.
  6. as far as T4/highlands, that's mostly covered by the eb bit, so that part's redundant.
    Your main concern is strip banks, correct? ie: gold to buy people's allies with.
    Here might be a part where I likely come out as foolish, but I thought the main issue with stripping usually isn't the gold, but the ability to have enough spies to strip before rebanking.
    Doesn't this mean strip banks being 'fuller' than other strip banks would not have much of an impact?
    At the very least, I havn't heard of any large clan saying before, "We had the people, just had no gold." What?
  7. @cor: it's not redundant as there was no alternative to pw's at the time of t4, or the highlands' release. As I stated, they caused Pw's to become the dominant form of making gold, and growth in general by releasing updates with such incredibly high cost.

    As for your point about strip banks, you don't see those big clans saying "we couldn't afford to strip them" because they DO have the gold, and they got it from pw's. Look at the recent strip of Ajax, do you believe that tapped the banks of ig and zaft and any other clans involved? I don't. Look at cr's clan page, it says the pw because they have to (or at least it used to iirc, haven't looked at it in quite a while). Cr needed to pw to grow? Maybe partially, but the main reason (I'd bet, and correct me if I'm wrong any cr members) is to generate war funds in the form of strip banks.

    I've never been to any of the main zaft clans, but I have been in pw's hosted by zaft spies. Pw's have been in full operation for what, over a year now? That means all if those big clans have had A LOT of time to fund their banks. A temporary advantage? I'd not like to find out how long it would take to empty their banks...
  8. They'd have to change the plunder calculation slightly so that it doesn't drop when you are converting from guilds to SOS.

    Spy builds and Hansels make out much better than attk builds in the haunting. Many OSF's are still using bots, and are abusing the pwar system. Their mistakes hurt all of the KAW community as a result.
  9. @Ark, before pwars people just hit OSFs out of war for more gold than now (relative to size of people at the time), and there was still massive stripping done. Pre-T4, pre-pwars. I have yet to see a period in the game where strip funds were nowhere to be found by any decently built clan, pwars or no.

    As far as pwars becoming more popular due to T4, I'm not aruging that, but that doesn't pertain to the strip banks bit.
  10. @cor: I was here before pw's, I still have the list of inactives everyone hit saved on my phone. You've never seen that period because prices were never as inflated as they have become. Not even close. It's not even really comparable.
  11. The prices of a ***** were never as low as when you were born.
  12. An easy way to end pwar's are to not allow the winning team to forfeit. That way the loseing side(osf's) dont get the pwar cash :)
  13. Easy way to end pwars. Make eb pay more than pwars. Why would I make less just so an osf can make. 300b?
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but you argument here reads:
    "I was here, you weren't, therefore I know better and I say it's not comparable."
    Prices skyrocket when players start LCBC-ing in numbers bigger than the nob purchasers. This isn't just from pwars, and again, epic battles match the hitters side of pwars, which is enough to maintain equilibrium. In fact, I'd wager that inflation will keep rising after pwars are removed.

    To counteract your argument though, my forum open date is only a few days after I joined the game, and that date is well before the release of pwars. I was here, so your arguement that because you were here and I wasn't isn't quite valid.
  15. To both of you, this isn't what this thread is about. Please reread and try again.
  16. Yeah...im to tired. School plus gym equals tired. Plus ap lit essay due tomoro
  17. I think the motivation the devs have is that they probably never meant for this to happen. Before pwar ppl would farm inac or eachother. People with high stats actually earned them. They werent pwar noobs. They earned the stats. Now adays you could have 6mill comb stats and be a complete noob. I think the devs realize this.
  18. @cor: that's not what I said at all. You made a statement about what everyone was doing before pw's. I made a statement that I know what we were all doing before pw's because I was there too. My statement was: you have not seen that period (referring to your statement that you "have yet to see a period in the gamewhere strip funds were nowhere to be found...etc") because inflation has caused prices to rise significantly beyond what has been seen in kaws' history.

    I like how you allude to the amount of time you've played kaw in (what could be taken as) an "appeal to authority" (a fallacious form of rebuttal/debate), and then try to turn it around on me when I state that I was also here before pw's....
  19. @cor: saw your statement in the other thread about making pw's less lucrative than eb's. If that's the plan, then I'm all for it, as long as pw's remain an option, and are not made impossible. If you'd simply stated that at first, instead of dropping hints which seemed to imply the complete removal of pw's from the game, we probably could have avoided this whole debate/exchange.
  20. "I was here before pw's.... You've never seen that period ...."
    When reread with the clarification here, yes, it makes sense, but I had others read your post and that is basically what was gleaned. In hindsight, apologies, it was misread.

    As far as your statement here, outside of when the drop feature was implemented (and that only affected the lower prices), inflation has constantly caused the prices to rise as income has risen.

    What I believe you are implying is that inflation solely from pwar tax (and not from HLBC hitter income + nobs/crystals) has risen the average value of active players so high that in a post-pwar society only a select few will be able to own the average active player (aka popular allies for stats / strip targets) and thus stripping as a tactic will die for most.

    Is this your reasoning? If so, this comes down to opinion as it's my belief that pwar tax has maybe affected the top (most valuable) prices, but overall allies are priced around the average top income (in this case a HLBC player w/o income) due to the fact that hitters heavily outnumber OSF.
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