What banning Pwar means.

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by The_Philosopher, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. In the forums Corninthan has been unwisely hinting that the new update will eliminate the pwar. Personally I highly doubt it is even possible to eliminate the pwar without eliminating the whole system war system altogether, but in this thread I would like to discuss the motivation the devs may have for killing the pwar.

    First of all, it has nothing to do with boredom. Doing the haunting endlessly is every bit as boring as doing a pwar. What eliminating a pwar does is it removes a method of suddenly placing a huge amount of gold in the hands of just one player.

    Sure the hitters in pwar make money, but it pales in comparison to what the osfs are making. I have an HLBC osf, and it was largely built on pwar money. I believe the most I ever got in one pwar was just shy of 300Bil, and I know people who have gotten as much as 400bil. There is no way in EB to make such huge amounts of cash in such short time.

    As you can tell, pwar is the perfect device for building a pure spy, because spy builds cost more but earn far less than hitters. I highly doubt there is any HLBC pure spy that became that way purely on spying and not taking any war tax. As a result there are now lots of HLBC spies around.
    However, I believe that the devs originally intended spies only to be a suppliment to an attack build and not a build on its own.(Hansel builds are also unintentional and unnatural but i won't be getting into that now.) Proof of this is how many EB such as the haunting favor attack builds and in some ways punish spies and hansels.

    Spies, however, with their advantage of stealth and being dtw if no gold is out, have in some ways taken over kaw. System wars are now being decided by which clan has the most or biggest spies. Spies go in, pin all the hitters, and we end up with boring turtle wars instead of slugfests between big hitters. Personally, I hate the fact that spies and hansels are so easily dtw. Most hansels go into war dtw from quests, and attack with thier spies. Well, I ask you, how fair is that?

    Spies are also invaluable for strip wars. A hitter when hit will eventually dtw but spies can spend the whole night stripping billions off of players. This also seems unnatural. It seems strange that people fear a spy clan like Black hand more than they fear a hitter clan like Brawlers. Spies can have no gold out and no allies and spend the whole night harrasing people with no consequences to themselves. Something is out of place.

    Anyway, a certain hatred of the spy build and a dislike of one player suddenly getting such a huge amount of cash would be some reasons why the devs may want to eliminate pwars. Is it really possible to do this? I sort of doubt it. Are there any reasons for keeping pwars as they are? Definitely, but I will save that for a future thread. lol
  2. So, any constructive critisim?
  3. Can they wait till after this weekend? I have a plunder war scheduled for Friday - Sunday.

  4. @ Chad lol I am not the one to ask that. Personally, unless the whole system war system is scrapped, I believe there will always be ways to get around these pwar safeguards.
  5. There are, trust me. I've come up with a few based upon different methods Devs could use to hamper pwars.
  6. @ sholron. I highly doubt it. I can think of several ways to get around any of the suppossed ways of banning pwar. The only way that make sense would be to get rid of the war system entirely, or get rid of clans. Even if they do this, there is nothing stopping me from hitting my own osf whenever I want to. Unless devs make it impossible for a attack build to hit a spy build pwar in one form or another will continue. Instead of eliminating the pwar, a smarter strategy would be to make more attractive options like the EBs. Let people choose not to pwar instead of forcing them not to.
  7. sorry Sholron. I don't quite understand what you are saying. Are you saying there are fool-proof ways to ban pwars or are you saying that there will always be ways to get around the restrictions the devs bring in?
  8. I  PWAR 
  9. To be honest, there's no reason to remove hitting OSFs in general. Merely, without pwars they'd have to go back to donating more than just time.
  10. lol long live the pwar. Down with these pwar-hating forum noobs.
  11. If the devs really cared. They'd use one of the things they promised us and could easily wipe pwars. Just make a castle give out soldiers. The closest to an osf we could get would be a hansel, and as stated in the OP hansels go DTW easily.
  12. Just a clarification Cornithian. By saying they would have to back to donating "more than just time?" You mean donating actual money? Either way, I think it will be fairly easy to bypass whatever the devs have in mind as long as the system war stays in place.
  13. The problem with making pw's impossible is that it will seriously imbalance the game. Sure, it's easy to make eb's more attractive, thus removing much of the incentive for pw's so people choose not to do them. They can make eb's that pay spies as well as they pay attack builds, I have no problem with a spy having to grind for stats the same way I do. My issue is, there is, and never will be, a better way to fund strip banks. If pw's became impossible overnight, than those clans who already have trillions stashed away in banks will hold a huge advantage over those who don't. Pw's should remain possible for those who want to do them, and to help keep balance in the game.
  14. I also responded in your other thread philosopher. The simplest way to kill pwars is to increase pve payout by 25 percent or more and/or introduce new better paying eb. Players chase profit.

    Right now I only will pwar to help a friend build an osf. Even then I prefer haunting (no dtw, no pressure to xstal, no admins arguing about tax distribution).

    The osf owners will continue to try to pull in the community to do pwars as making 300-700b a week hosting pwars still greatly outpaces what a player can earn through haunting and the ally trade. But if a player can easily earn 30b a day hitting in new pve, it will be harder to convince them that earning 15-20 a day in pwar is worth their time.

    The introduction of some type of prestige system and war ladders would definately increase players desire to participate in system wars. Once the profit motive is removed there will be no incentive to figure out workarounds regarding war tax.
  15. @AKR What you say is definitely a serious concern. All those who managed to HLBC their spies will have a huge advantage over those with no such spies. It will increase the gap between the rich and poor. Personally, I can hit my HLBC spy tax free whenever I want so I have no need for pwar. Make more money ally trading anyway.
  16. Why not just do the castle makes troops idea and lower t4/land price a little as to not offset the balance quite as much.
  17. @ 3nnui I totally agree with you. The best way is to make pwar unattractive to hitters rather than trying to mechanically eliminate them. I guess the biggest concern about pwar the devs have is that they don' t want to see such huge amounts of cash be suddenly given to one player. PVes now pay better, but big clans still do pwar mostly because they want to build their huge spy builds quickly with pwar money.
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