What are you scared of?

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  1. Exactly my point. Thank you for continually demonstrating everything I’m saying.
  2. There goes any credibility you may have had with this thread.
  3. lol PM me ...I'll buy you a "NEW" iPhone X 

  4. "TRY" and get your G.E.D. (lol) ...I hear McDonalds has certain requirements now
  5. All you loser Kotfe scum who's lurking this thread ...go join X and Sully 
  6. It always fun getting bacon upset on threads, he whines and cries better than most.
  7. Bees, terrified of bees
  8. Forums are dead because kaw is boring which means people are leaving
  9. It's true

    I'm waiting to see noob grey in top 10k LB, I think current kaw population is around 30k
  10. 30k accounts or 30k individuals?
  11. Why do I need credibility in a taptap game?
    Why do I need a new phone? It calls, it texts and it Forums just fine.
  12. Mine is small birds. Very judgmental eyes.
  14. I agree with this except for the banning the trolls. The other day someone made a thread and then got it locked and made another thread asking who locked it.
    So I made a thread saying I would help that person find who locked it and next thing I know I get a one day forum ban. What the hell is that. I can only assume the thread was locked also but to ban me because of that is garbage. I do agree the mods are loose cannons with locking threads which I believe is the main reason the forums are dead. If a thread is garbage it will die naturally it doesnt need ti be forced into euthenasia prematurely. The forums used to be a community that felt like an organic community. Now forums seem so robotic. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what the devs wanted though. Most of the devs biggest critics were forumers and the biggest way to post their grievances against the devs were in forums. Now we have to use the ticket system and we all know how big of a joke that is. My old acc is ranked third in KaW with the most posts(woulda been higher but moose didn’t have a life) and now adays I check forums maybe once a day where I used to be on forums 24/7.

  15. lol Haha you butthurt 

  16. poopoo monkey is butthurt

  17. Can't even quote and post properly ...technically you've misquoted me MODS PLEASE BAN SHIFTER FOT VIOLATING FORUMS ROC THANKS 
  18. stop trying to derail the thread stinky
  19. Imagine what todds real life must be like though, considering he's here all the time 
  20. I'm scared of being forum banned for posting inappropriate content...