what are you gonna be for Halloween

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  1. Whatchu gonna be
  2. I will be... Me

    Probably gonna be playing Overwatch tbh
  3. An emotionally and financially stable college student.
  4. I once went to a party with a small cardboard with checkered patterns painted.. one covering the lower front and one covering my butts and wearing nothing else and I was the "Streaker on TV"
  5. Wait wait wait.. that didn't come out right..

    Not a small cardboard.. a decent sized cardboard.. damnit..
  6. I do have to say this for Halloween and costumes though..

    Let your imagination flow.. get creative.. THAT's the fun..

    In this ever ready made consumer society, it's so tempting to just go buy a darth Vader costume and put it on or get it for your kid..

    Make them.. create them.. go to like Home Depot or A dollar store and look around with a creative mind..

    Regain the magic people..
  7. Sockcrates (ie toga with socks pinned all over), following last year as Playdoh/Plato (I handmade a logo that said pla-to in the playdoh font that wrapped around my waist). Next year will be Hippo-crates
  8. That's creative!
  9. Why
  10. Go to space and be the real McCree
    Down on earth (it's high noooooooooooon)
  11. Friends and I are going as a pirate hoard for the third year. Only can speak pirate slangs the whole night. If we slip we gotta buy a round of drinks. It truly is amazing how many different ways "thar-she-blows" and "arrrrrrrgggg" can be Interpreted lol
  12. I'm going to print a small photo with each one on it and put it in my wallet. When people in the future ask me what I did in college, I will wordlessly take it out and show it to them.

    Also, the more effort that goes into a bad pun, the worse it gets.
  13. Got a rave halloween night and daygers this weekend - going full rave outfit for them all with a jackolantern mask 
  14. A bag of weed