What are the weirdest builds/playstyled you've ever seen?

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  1. I've seen someone with no attack buildings, 1 spy building, and the rest ADT...
  2. 0 0 0 0 all bfa
  3. For lowlands
    I use 19/0/5/0
  4. Your build is pretty weird wondering what the point in those towers is tbh.
  5. Because I got bored and made an alt
  6. That's called a turtle build,which is a pretty stupid one.I'd say that the best build is the one that suits a person's style best.Some might enjoy playing hansel/purespy,others might enjoy playing tanks or just hybrid,it's all a matter of perspective and what you want to do in the game.
  7. How can a build be "stupid" a turtle build is purely used for support, whether it's PVP or a war it's not "stupid" :lol:
  8. Just stated my opinion,no need to jump me now 
  9. If I came across that way I apologise
  10. Attack builds :lol:
  11. I once had 800k/10m/800k/10m but these builds are kind common now, and tbh lots of weird builds around....e.g. 0/0/1/10 etc etc no build seems weird anymore to me I guess after the the ridiculous builds I have had
  12. When one piece of equip can slice through your towers its pointless. I don't know why anyone has towers in the lower brackets tbh you need so many to make a difference now a days you'd pay pennies if you had none and you'd do the same damage to the enemy.
  13. What if you have equip and towers hmmm?
  14. bfa is the answer?
  15. Bfe rekts BFA mostly in lowest bracket
  16. There's more brackets out there mate :) But yeah,what you said is true.Although,can a turtle build really help me if it can't plunder/scout/attack?
  17. Ik there are more brackets what's your point...
    And turtle build is good if u want 60 actions for max items
  18. Yes,it is good for that,but what if everyone decides not to waste their troops/spies on ya? 
  19. Turtle builds in war are good for not leaking, skimming priority targets to not let them plunder too much and getting repins when everyone else is down

    they don't make much plunder at all, so repins is where they'll get plunder. If you're slow just be a regular tank or hyb tank

    Bfa is good for every build but turtle builds need bfa/bfe more then others because of their low atk/spy power

    Bfa would purely be as an atk/spy boost and not as a replacement for extra towers unlike other builds that use bfa to both have atk boost and defensive boost
  20. Saw a guy with 0/0/0/0 stats beat up a guy 5 times his size. Best thing i ever sawc