What about that 1.41 Tril REGULATORS

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  1. You say you was going to eat my bombs, did you start chocking when they went pop pop ?
    Triple left hand hooks to the body left jab right uppercut to ropes SKAN drop kicked ya in the throat KO. And then came the slow-smoke step back after shock to ya pockets done run run dry !
    You tried to stand toe to toe with the wrong got burned, should of never broke ORIGINAL CF.
    Buster feel free to step back to a real G try to strip while I creep n Bank then light the C4 watch your gold fly out the back door

    You ain't made it thur the main course
    sit back down at the table and eat

  2. Op. regs pockets are deep enough for you to drop 1.5T bombs all day. Their members alone could take those lol.
  3. Again in English please.
  4. Was that supposed to be a rap? Because I read it like a rap

    Didn't really understand it though
  5. Booooo

    Get off da stage!!!!!!!
  6. I also read it in a rap fashion, but it didn't rhyme at all.

    So it turned into an awkward bieber-like song in my head.
  7. I think it's trying to say something…
  8. lmao!!! I wad wondering how long it would take you to come here "rapping"...so many lol's
  9.  I love TNT's answer!
  10. Lmao, I'll admit.. I read it as a rap as well.. And lost beat 
  11. At the risk of giving this wannabe undeserved attention...THAT is one delightfully incoherent demonstration of the need to use the internet for education rather than just games.
  12. Needs more autotune my dude
  13. Also. Pretty sure C4 is a remote explosive, so good luck "lighting the C4"
  14. It's Dem OL' G comin up from the land of Da N- O- M- A- D comin thur with the big licks of '14 show'n all U Reg's sum true ass GANGSTER flow So bow down Wuss n -IPUSS- the BIG DAWGS are back in town and REGs guts is all WE POUND laid back wid'a PHAT SACK makin mo off our hits then you do you fools need 2 pot up when we ROLL thur TRYIN 2 STEP 2 A OL GANGSTER plz REGGIES you don't know us now raise up off DEZZ N'z you little wanna B's Cause WE build bombs at need be n ain't nothing you gonna bring gonna see US Ɲøϻ₳Ð comin ******* ya stack with all the attacks and bombs we do that so let us ride all the way 2 da BANK cuz ain't nothin on OUR MINDS but your CHIPS better have a grip when a nomad DIPS
  15. Kill it faster. Could reproduce.
  16. No no no no no. You're supposed to yell your name like a Pokémon before you start spitting like that. If you need references, check out DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz, Little Wayne, Nicki Minaj, or any other member of the orangutan family.