What a difference a couple of years make, and what's t

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  1. YES! We are all for some way to help players kind better clans. Would love more ideas on this. One problem with training clans is that it requires people to actually run them and the experience could vary a lot.
  2. Mark I hear you there that's why if you read my post after you will see in a bit more detail what I'm aiming at, with it being a point based reward system if the trainers suck there score will suck and I know the trainee could be petty but in all likelihood if the trainers are doing the job right the trainee will be grateful and the random selection will reduce the ability of alt abuse someehat
  3. Oh man, people would surely create alts and give bad or good reviews to trainers they like/don't like. You'd be surprised the lengths some folks go to. But I like the idea in principle. I can see some ways it could be exploited easily though.
  4. Of course that is a risk but that's why I am saying the new player is given a random list of the clans ehich they have to pick from or go it alone reducing the risk
  5. I mean Mark sad sacs have been finding using and abusing exploits in this game since the beginning as you and I well know but if you had the random list tight enough to say 3 of the maybe 10 set up which for rewards people would likely give a go then that risk would be massively reduced and some times you gotta take a chance in life.... I mean for crying out loud you guys tweek it give it a go for say a month and see how it goes, monitor it closely looking for ips linked to other players elsewhere etc an just see what happens... An if it works great if not scrap it just don't give any rewards till after the trial period data has been analyzed then hopefully it catchs any abuse on both ends if there is any
  6. @atamark I'd really appreciate your response but could you maybe hit me up in pm to discuss a few things thanks
  7. Bump for clanmate to read
  8. Nobody needs a badge as the motivation to help people. if you cant speak a few sentances which takes only afew minites to write which is no big deal , off the goodness of your own heart to help others.Do it for free without needing any reward or not at all. Zero Machine wrote a mentor thread .it is simple to ask in their clans for advice and many as soon as your name appears in wc for a volley being new.Most are bombarded with advice on their wall straight away.
  9. Roni that's the thing people are bombarded with start advice and left alone or left alone period. An yea if folks where more like zero,optimal, makki, myself heck even you then a shiny badge wouldn't be needed. However human instinct is that motivation provides results and if creating a way to make ogs help retain players works then why the hell not give it a go
  10. yo, make the game easier for me.. it's like so hard.
  11. Regarding the original question in the OP, this game has always been centered on the social aspect. It's what drew me in almost seven years ago, and frankly it isn't quite the same. My clan is fantastic, but there's a lot less public socializing. Forums are generally quiet, wc is either osw crap-talking/flaming or ads or a polarized political debate. The big KaW social sphere isn't as fun amymore. I came back after being out of the loop for 2-3y, and it was so completely changed. Yeah, gameplay is a bit different and more complicated, but the social channels had all but disintegrated.

    Obviously I've kept playing again for getting close ish to a year now, but I don't enjoy it the same way as I used to (as pretty much a new player, gamewise) because there are so many fewer opportunities to actively chat, that aren't just constant crap talk.

  12. I 100% agree. When I originally started 7 years ago clans felt like actual families and people were far more social. In that span of 7 years I've had 3 accounts all of which were made every time I took a break from the game. In my opunion ebs were the savior of the game money wise for players but also the downfall of the social aspect of the game. Ebs and events made it easier for people to clan hop every five minutes instead of building a clan together. It's also due to people simply growing up (I was a teen when I first started, now I'm an adult) or having other things to do in life.
  13. How about a list of people willing to mentor others with a process similar to applying for mod .
  14. Lol wut, apoc really let u in with those stats ?
  15. What ninja? I'm guessing they wouldn't let you in saying because of cs cause they didn't want to say you are a tool?
  16. I've seen recently quite a few players have returned recently after their similar break ie rusted knight of serenity. So I would like to hear what they think since returning cheers
  17. Tldr apoc destroyed zaft. Only way to make game more enticing to new/low stat players is give enough growth that the game feels like you're always achieving things.
    What made kaw boom in popularity was the massive reduction in the time it took to maxbuild. And you could do it for free.

    Now, to achieve the same level of satisfaction you have to pay and pay a lot. To free to play this game it will take so much longer than it used to and that's why newer players are more unheard of.