We're gonna play a little game....

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  1. Who said targets are smaller? Show me that.

    Next show me where it said they were ganging up on them. It's them vs a CLAN. Not vice versa. Alison assumed all those things. No proof, and competition hasn't even started. I can also mention that every Inc I got from farm fest was from bigger players. Going to cancel that too?

    Not taking sides here, as Ali and rel are both friends. Just saying that seems a little unfair to destroy something on a basis that they MIGHT hit smaller clans, when an already established event has people who hits smaller players.

    Note, I bet a lot of farm fest participants hit bigger players. Do you give the same benefit of doubt to these players who may take on leader board clans? You assumed with no facts. First give them a chance. If they do what you assume, then fair enough, ruin it. Until then, let them prove themselves.
  2. Op says in his last part of his opening post that they will not be offering protection until the contest is over, so I am assuming that if they can't handle who they are trying to extort. They will gang up in them at then end
  3. Farm fest is a well established format, hitting players to get them to whine in your wall thn you move on.

    Targeting clans is a whole different thing. I stand by my opinion they will clearly only be targeting small in experienced clans, otherwise they won't be able to procure a cease fire request.

    Tl:dr. They are bullies.
  4. Thank you farr.

    Alison that was an unintended connotation. It more meant if the target clan decides to call upon a family of six clans for example we're happy to help out, after the competition
  5. Alison, you have no proof of that. For all you know they target an lb clan. And he said they won't intervene till after. He didn't say they would farm them. Maybe they intervene as in offer a peaceful end.
  6. A leader at OP's clan just told me in PM they plan on only hitting players that are no more than half their size and clans that run less than hauntings.
  7. The plan wasnt to hit loads of random midget clans at all. How bout a new rule, clan must be of size at least 60 and have at least half the clan bigger than you or it doesn't count o_O
  8. Lmao Eric no ss not true, nice try though
  9. Clearly, the only clan an individual player is going to be able to extort a cease fire request from is an inexperienced newb eb clan. No question about it.

    Saying they may hit a leader board clan is ludicrous, since anyone would know that no lb clan is going to request a cease fire from an individual player .

    Example Ajax and solace vs resilience .

    Do you really think any war clan is going to surrender to an individual? Really?

    Is just a chance for some bullies to bully is all
  10. It's not a coincidence you sent that last message after I replied to YOUR message that stated that, and you also knew I don't have photo bucket so I couldn't show the ss, nice try though.
  11. Alison, quit beating around the bush. What you're really trying to say is you have no faith anyone here will get a cf request from another clan of any strength or war knowledge.
  12. [​IMG]
    Not even friends. I rest my case Eric :lol:
  13. Considering the whole point is to score points procuring cease fire requests. The quickest and most effective way to earn points will be by farming small clans who are ill prepared an in experienced.

    Like I said earlier. Try hitting my clan. See if you can get them to request a cease fire. What a joke.

    Bullies is all you are.
  14. Elite Corp.? Might just have to look at that... SUPPORT @ CLANFARMFEST clanfarm(fest) based on farmfest if u didn't know.
  15. Hm i see your point Alison. I'll get HA to request a lock then we'll re do a scoring system to discourage hitting eb fairies and stuff.
  16. @ relentless. Please refrain from mentioning my bush please.
  17. Well actually, I do expect ajax to win. And that's an alliance on him, not a clan.

    Also, rel takes on clans all the time. I do it occasionally also. Plus, I take on clans with members bigger than me as a rule. Last clan rel took on top member was 3x his size, smallest was half. Most were bigger.
  18. Lmao Alison I'll try not to :?

    I actually think Ajax will win too, he was giving me some advice in worms on how to take on mass clans and it wouldn't surprise me if we saw a res cf thread within the next few months or weeks
  19. One noob clan should be able to take one person. I see it as a good learning experience just them.
  20. I'm sorry Farr. I was in solace during the last fight Ajax war with resilience and they took him out of the game.

    He is and always will be one of best this game has and ever will have known, for sure.

    Resilience are considerably bigger than they were last time. They are extremely well financed. The 1 tril reset bomb would not have even dented their pride let alone their banks.

    Resilience also took black hand out of their once dominating position in KaW. I was there for that also.

    Ajax won't beat resilience. He will fight them and spend alot of money enjoying KaW the way he does. This is modern KaW. Take a look at res_one and explain to me how an individual can take down that kingdom? Let alone a whole family.