Weekend Warriors Guild to EE Builds and Tips- Brought to You

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  1. Building for EE 101-

    So you want to try EE for the first time/again after a few years/think the rewards look cool/have some time this weekend and always thought it looks fun.


    I did try EE before and the following happened...I joined an EE war at one point and was instantly jumped all over by a bunch of elitist war built tanks or EE war regulars. (I can say this as a snobby LB War built elitist tank)

    You want the truth? The VAST majority of ppl who do love EE wars ALWAYS want more ppl to join, and events like weekend tourneys are awesome ways to increase participation.

    Now, of course, instead of welcoming new ppl into the world of EE warring with open arms and providing help, coaching and support. What usually happens is us EE elitists DO EVERYTHING WE CAN, to point out how soft, squishy and generally leaky your build is. The long term effect of this is: while we lament about not enough ppl warring; We actively drive out anyone willing to try and then end up in the same reshuffled rosters war after war of 50 ppl.

    So Valk has decided that its time to break this cycle: Here is a long winded guild with some simple pointers by build type, to help you take the plunge into EE wars which really is one of the funnest and best parts of this game.

    Tanks- (under 25% spy buildings)

    SDT- most ppl falsely believe that the best time to add towers is LAST, cause they “kill” plunder...and then what happens? As the vast majority of accounts will never really be Build complete with 100’s of Q in allies...before then next lands are released and we start all over again....so adding those towers never really happens does it?

    1. 25% of all buildings on last THREE (3) sets of lands should be towers- is ideal.
    2. If this is too expensive, use those old Building Tokens and try to get to something like this - look at your troop attack stat. Divide it by 2. Get your STATIC SPY to that #.
    3. Your not trying to stop PS and hansels from Assing you at all...but that comparable sized spies to YOU, FAIL on you regularly at 50% of their spy bar.

    ADT- this is a lot more subjective, BUT a generally good guild is:

    1. Look at your attack stats- divide that by 4-5. That’s the CS in ADT you want to have. Easiest to do on LAST 3 land sets. If u can’t afford this, default to using old building tokens on old lands to get close.
    2. If you have a choice between ADT and SDT for a tank....go with SDT.
    3. Are Defense troop buildings just as good as ADT? The simple answer is NO. They optically look the same, but aren’t...u can kinda hide mid roster and look war-like, but it’s not the same.

    Glitch troops- unless u have a fully balanced war build with charms and bfa and towers at least to the above %’s. Get rid of glitch troops for EE wars, and rebuild after for EB.

    Glitch spies- always keep these. Good for Att Ko defense and burning down spies.

    Static stats- BFA, Charms, equipment and Furniture.

    This is the BEST type of STATS for EE war, with BFA being the Very Best of all those. It’s also the hardest to get, but even a little goes a long ways. It’s also why certain ppl Regularly plunder 2-5x more then everyone else, by overall size. Now this is Listed last because it isn’t needed right away to hold your own in EE wars.

    The overriding issue here I think is that EB’s don’t really give you the feeling that your troop bar weakens as u unload...it does. So static stats are the great equalizer, they make the BOTTOM half of your bar strong enough to use it more effectively.

    So oh wise and amazing Valk how much BFA should I add? The answer is simple: MORE. Just add more, and unless your a big LB guy, focus on BFA in your build type FIRST. So tanks add TROOP BFA. Spies add SPY BFA.

    Hansels and Pure spies

    Should I War as a hansel or a pure spy? That’s the number 1 question spies always ask. And the #1 reason spies don’t war more: “I don’t want to leak”.

    So, what do you do?

    For regular 1 Hr EE wars- war as a PS, with 0 gold out. And cast Ally hiding spell BEFORE you cast and leave for war.

    For longer big roster EE wars. Warring as a hansel is fine- there is a lot of stripping in these wars, and having your spell slip means u have to be careful, always.

    I’m a hansel and added these cool extra attack buildings that are too expensive to tear down just to do one war, what do I do?

    Well the short answer. Oops. Shouldn’t have done that. good news? Warring that build in big roster wars, not the end of the world...u just have to dump troops fast.

    Or preferably, fix it.

    Option 1- rebuild to have 1-2-3 small cheap attack buildings on small cheap lands u can easily rebuild with tokens. That’s all u need with equip to hit EB’s. Then u can war as a PS, and it’s safe.

    Option 2- The ADT towered hansel- add a ton of ADT. A good guild is get your troop defence stat to 30-50% of your Spy attack stat.

    Spy troops in EE- simply, you always War with 0 troops. When u regen u burn them immediately, when u xtal, u always get rid of them as fast as your fingers can.

    How do you do this? If u aren’t an ADT heavy hansel. You SELL all your attack pots, always, before war, and use them on really big tanks, so they burn away quickly and you NEVER EVER have glitch troops. Don’t even bother trying to plunder, especially at the start of a war.

    Now why on earth would u want to war as a hansel, it sounds terrifying and horrible? Well, as a hansel u can KO ppl, without leaking...and nothing is more satisfying as getting a big KO in EE war.

    SDT- don’t need any. I mean if you wanna look tough or OSW, different story, but, not needed on hansels/PS

    ADT- see above.

    Attack pots- Never ever War with them.

    Bfa/allies- PS MUST always have ally hide spell on, ALWAYS cast before you cast WOC. If you add BFA, add SPY BFA first, this makes your bottom bar strong to ass targets, cause u likely will he scouted down some at war start.

    Glitch troops- are u crazy? No. Never.

    Glitch spies- always.

    Golden rule for spies- your a SPY for a reason, you wanted to SPY ppl...this means a STRONG spy ATTACK stat. Make that stat as strong as possible with raw and static stats, everything else is window dressing...a well rounded, spy attack heavy spy is a KO machine and makes tanks like me twitchy, always. Don’t try to be something you aren’t.

    Pure spies KOing PPL in EE wars- this is the big thing with PS, cause you will open to attacks, with gold out...so what do you do?

    Well, if the other side has very little troops, I say KO away. But know how to bank, and quickly, so u only leak 1 hit. But KO smart. If the guy u are KOing has very high plunder, the KO is worth more then the 1 hit u leak.

    If you want to play it safe, focus on weakening the TOP bars of enemy tanks with ass, so your sides tanks can eat them, or they chicken out and dive. And/or use the BOTTOM 20% of your spy bar to Ko/repin targets.

    Hybrids - Sigh, somewhere in your twisted brain you thought it would be cool to have some of every stat, or it looks really cool to have equal numbers for all stats....well, it doesn’t, hybrids are by far the worst EE build. They aren’t really good at anything, and weak overall. Sorry. They suck. Valk says so, so it’s true.

    So now that I picked the most suckiest build in all of KAW, but I really crush these EB’s, but wanna war too, cause Estocs edge means my really cool hybrid build will make even more plunder on EB’s! what do I do?

    You read the above on Tanks and Spies...and you try your very best to get your squishy hybrid much much closer to one of those 2 sets of builds, so you become a troop focused hybrid with SDT and ADT. Or a spy focused hybrid with a lot of ADT, same rules apply once u pick one focus, just you’ll always be squishier then a tank or a spy.

    The “Bunny Effect” - this is what happens when you try to make a war built hybrid build, cause your tired of warring and getting your ass kicked. (Sorry bunny). You end up with a build that’s mostly towers and you sort of sit around all war being ignored, wondering why you ever wanted to be a hybrid. Your tough as hell, so much so your ignored, cause, well, you can’t ass or plunder in your weight class.

    Role models: as a reference- if you want an example or 2 of EE war builds to look at to model your build after, here are some examples. They all of course would be happy to follow back anyone with a million questions trying to learn how to war....don’t do that, it’s creepy and annoying, just re-read this guild, ask selective questions and do what ppl used to do. Give something new a try.

    Tanks, there are tons of good EE tanks:

    Lb tank: Big vin and King of steal, are good examples
    Big tanks: Jimmy (or whatever his name-of-the-week is), chooch.
    Mid tanks: dead man walking (in my opinion the best built war account in KAW in his weight class), bob (arts sister)...tons in this class.
    Small mid tanks: Qaz, foxy, chewy.


    ADT towered hansels:

    Big hansels: LILi
    Mid hansels: Artouris

    Pure spies:

    Pretty simple here. No troops, no SDT, no adt, all spies...
  2. Thank you Valk, hope to see new blood entering EE wars
  3. Couldnt agree more about snobby elist war builds discouraging newcomers. Well done Valk.
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  4. I normally don’t read long forum posts. Well written valk.
  5. Where is my name for hansels :/
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  6. Win the spring war.
  7. This was and is so needed Thank you Valk very well written
  8. I try
  9. Thank you Valk great help for everyone. This post should be stick it to forum. I nominate valk as war moderator.
  10. can have hybrid mechanics with a tank build. thats is best. gives you the option to eat leaky hansels
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  11. Yes this is super important. Get to more than 25% spies by building spies on smaller lands.

    Also, a couple of quibbles about towers:

    First I disagree about putting towers on the last 3 sets of lands. The very last set is now by far the best place to put towers (fatesands).

    Also valk suggests sdt @50% of your att stats and Adt @20-25%. That’ll get u started but imo you want it more like 60-70 for sdt and 30-40 for Adt. Start with what valk suggests but if you find yourself getting eaten or assed hard you might think about bumping the towers.
  12. Golthar and chewy both have great points to add.

    Neat hybrid trick is to do what they’re mentioning, where your barely a hybrid, but only using LL and HL type spy buildings, here’s the formula.

    Take your total # of Buildings.

    Subtract your # of buildings that are towers.

    Divide that answer by 4 (25% of buildings that aren’t towers)

    The answer is the number of spy buildings u need to get hybrid mechanics, which basically lets u eat those squishy hansels with 0 gold out and slow fingers.

    U don’t add spy buildings on top lands, instead u add 1 more building then the 25% on lowlands and high lands and voila, your a hybrid, but basically a tank, with the hybrid mechanic.

    Golthar is also pointing out a neat phenomenon that happens...see he’s a great big well built tough as nails War Tank....and he loves towers. Why? Cause they’re addictive, and once you get locked into a serious tower addiction, well you’ll see...you’ll want even more then I’m suggesting. Cause watching ppl fail all over your towers is cool and fun, and makes Golthar giggle like a little school girl.
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  13. Valk’s point about towers being addictive is true. I’ll take the 5th about giggling like a schoolgirl.

    The general thing to consider I about towers is it’s all relative. If you have fewer towers than others around you on cr, you’ll get targeted. If you have more you won’t.

    Specifically for Adt:

    If you aren’t top of the roster you need to remember that if you are a target in your cr range, someone bigger than u is coming to feast. There are quite few ~10b cs hitters that make their living on killing the weak link on the mid range cr.

    Morale: don’t be that weak link, and remember that your towers aren’t just to protect you from ppl your own size. They need to be effective against people bigger than you.
  14. Damn I wish I would've known this stuff before I started doing this build... Any tips so I don't have to completely restart, gonna start putting in towers now too. Also great thread.
  15. What are towers
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  16. This guide is incredible and should be stickied with three others in the war section (two of hippy’s and one from Bang). I returned to KaW after a very long break and wanted to war. I can totally relate to the first bit since I got crap for my build until a couple of people actually told me what I could do. Found this post recently and I love how detailed it was! Going to follow it, transform my build and get to warring soon. Thank you!
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  17. That seems reasonable tbh. Followed this thread when it was new, but with the continuation of seasonal wars there have been more people warring irregularly (me lol). Good reference.
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  18. Another great thread from valk💜 support 101%✓
  19. Spot on lord as always lord 👍😘