Weekend PvP Blitz #1

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. they reset
  3. Xtalling like fools on alts.
  5. How can the devs stop the abuse of alts ? Where there is a exploit the wallet warriors will find it. Devs can we have a current LB on both events ? Why are they hidden ????
  6. They wont reveal. They have to protect the spenders. People (like me) would sit on them without casting in for fun.
  7. Devs reveal the identity of the pvp lb people ! I'm a scumbag and even I know it's wrong not to reveal them pvp ??? They don't want inc ? They opted in now reveal these mysterious people or call it all a sham ! Are they infact hidden because they are preselected ???? I am a very suspicious person please unburden these worries we all have and reveal the identity !
  8. DirtyLarry, who wins kaw daily, non stop, is ranked #1 in pvp blitz
  9. Lol he's not even opted I
  10. hey its a fun event up until soma 70mcs can hit 12 how does that work maybe that should be fixed
  11. Kaw is so unfair they can't even lift someone's silence even when they beg the kaw admins but they still say no.......what jerks!!
  12. WTF I thought you couldn't steal the Dabroa Scimitar if you already have one active? I just got hit by someone who had it and yet still stole mine that makes no sense... WTF kaw I took a picture to prove it
  13. Welcome to kaw buddy
  14. The pvp side of this event was and is the most horrible experience I ever had on this app.. After this I'll probably never opt into pvp ever again.. I can't even begin to say how bad this was for me.. I wanted to try and have fun maybe get 1 saddle.. It's not fun at all and I'll never get a saddle.. Everyone is dtw or I'm too strong to hit or I'm just getting pinned 24/7 .. I can't see how this is fun.. I'm out happy 4rth of July everyone.. I can't wait for this spell to wear out I'll never cast for pvp again ever.. 
  15. try harder
  16. Hit ranges almost as uncapped as the bfa is, it is a lb/bc farm fest buddy that's kaw nothing new and certainly won't be addressed any time soon.
  17. same as old pvp events, hide in pin and hit accounts' weak side.
  18. I learned something during this event... It's that I'll never ever again cast for pvp..
  19. I have 200 dunesteeds still if anyone wants them.. I have no use for them.. Might as well just take them.. I'm probably going to log out till this spell is gone.
  20. Welcome to kaw...sadly it's the same reason I don't do the pvp side anymore. People would hide in pin and dump on me yet I can't hit back. How fun(sarcasm) that and drop rate isn't good. Oh well enjoy the rest of the event bc/max xtaliers.