Weekend Promo!

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Okay so back in the day (2015), you used to make 50% HTE and then you would give a free EB a plunder boost as well like (Origins 20%).
    Why can't you do this again?
  2. Still cant respond back to the new update problem huh
  3. Why the hell???? Wtf for?
  4. Kingdoms at Eb.. pathetic
  5. You complain yet you're in a b2b nk clan? Pot kettle
  6. Honestly I feel like its time NK got the same kind of strength boost hte got in 2015~
  7. Yes, I own a NK clan and promos are a lot of work for admins. So if anyone’s gonna complain, pretty sure it should be me.
    For someone who doesn’t spend as much, you sure love to shut other people down, Moderator.
  8. Moderators tend to do that, LadyAsh.

    I don’t support all these promos by the way.
  9. No reason whatsoever why one free eb doesnt get a bonus. 50% plunder bonus to origins isnt gonna result in money loss for the devs.
  10. EB Clan Admins Lives Matter?

    What about all of your mates you left on the battlefield?
  11. You and are admins are not doing anything great. You guys are just growing your accounts for free. I have been to your clan but I stopped visiting it because neither owner nor admins sealed in that clan they are just free loading. I have read CA of your clan not 1x but every weekend (not sure about last 2 events) your CA Says ADMIN HOLD your seal. Why hold? Give them a special pass, say extra 4 hours for helping with admin duties but completely free stay that too for whole weekend?? And you are complaining here for nk promo, well I am sure you and your admins are the happiest after seeing promos.

    Admins like Pptanpp will are not just free loaders but also egoistic and should be thrown out, now you will say we seal our admins seal and bla bla. Well just shut up and don't bring up that Your admins started sealing from last event when someone raised a question in your clan chat regarding non sealing admins. And proof of this is wall of your admins go check wall of will or any other old admin.

    TBH I want a NK clan where everyone is treated equally. And your clan is just a crap, if a group of sealers try to make their own NK clan I am sure your clan will go down within few days. I am sure there are many like me who doesn't like visiting your clan. Will love to see a thread regarding your shitty clan and your egoistic admins.

  12. Such a stupid issue to pick a problem with. They have admins hold seals at the beginning of the weekend because every Friday its flooded with seals and xtals, and then slows down come Saturday night and Sunday. It makes sense to have the people that will consistently be on use their seals during the slow times and let the short term users fight in the madness fridays.

    Dont make accusations off of bad assumptions, you just end up looking like a fool.
  13. I have been there on Sundays. They accept peeps only they know on friday. If they are sealing on sundays every weekend where is the pass? I have read that CA even on sundays. I am sure you are a noob account of one of those free loaders. Well I will be the happiest if their admins are treated the same way like us. And this post is not to insult them its to make them realise what they are doing and to make others aware of what kind of clan it is, owner is trying to show off in promo thread. Well.
  14. Patience, iReg
  15. Scared statless barcode alt, I’m sure your main is banned. No one cares. 
  16. LOL Free Loaders!!!
  17. I spoke about your clan after seeing your lame comment about promo. Was Trying to show off?
  18. If the limit is lifted then why am I still limited? Got stopped at 16xtals
  19. Promo ended 23min before you posted here.