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Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Jean, May 4, 2018.

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  1. Ladytrash unable to read? Never said you sold it to regulators...Lol.
  2. Nobody believes your lies LadyTrash we all know dom is ex Kotfe/ Osiris. You are such a pathetic liar.And if your such a osw hardcore badass go back into resilience now and start back to where you left off before you exited from kaw. On your fake retirement because you just used that fake retirement to get out of osw. So go back and support your clan friend's back in resilience in the osw.Oh yeah you cant go back because they dont like you because you are a liar and backstabber. I find it so funny that Miss_So-Yesterday had the nerve and audacity to try lecture you here about kaw is a dying game all those who spend money on it are stupid. Yet she came back out of that fake retirement and brought seals and circles for hte, nk and zta.And not to forget that big investment on the new account.And i got volleyed from gold received from spending real life cash on hte,zta,Nk lol who really laughs at who?!!
  3. “..End up giving regulators a big account..” - Sold, give - same implication.
    Again, I do find it humorous that when I returned you were so happy to see me back, yet it seems that now it’s in your own benefit to be a conspiracy follower. Only spineless weaklings do that. 
  4. Roni the self-proclaimed taptap “Star”, I’m not even gonna bother correcting all the nonsense you just spilled.

    I mean let’s be real, I am such a trouble maker. Why not stick to the things I ACTUALLY do? That would be so much more fun to banter about, instead of constantly needing to correct your imaginary conspiracies.
  5. I was, unfollowed me twice and had an empty visit to fenris, if you have iregs line you know ladytrash and him been up to some lovin 
  6. Don’t bother correcting her mistakes, joke is dried up ;)
  7. Lol that's the proof her comment was quoted and shows it was said by resilient_LadyAsh but it now shows woohoo is said by iDomBadAss.
  8. Nothing personal, love. I just unfollow when I want convos out of someone’s reach to SS if I feel like that person might change allegiances. That is all. And I’d much rather you talk to me if it offends you, than to be a passive aggressive ___ about it. Because I do know that you do not actually believe the idiocy that unfortunately tends to spread in one’s absence.

    Ohhhh yessss... iReg and I have a hawt romance! 
  9. Correct. Dom unfortunately now is the owner of my former main. The person I gave it to decided to quit (as aforementioned) and re-sell it 5 months after my retirement. Completely out of my control, mate.
    And to be honest, it doesn’t even bother me that much since I’m not the one playing the acc and to me it’s just a tool that would have been acquired from someone else if not from the fairy that owned it.

    The moment an account is worth more than the actual player, you know your clan has a serious materialistic problem. 
  10. A decent clan friend would have waited and refused the offer to regs and let it go to someone from a clan that resilience weren't in osw against. That proves what a lowlife and backstabber you are. Bach i bet she is really hitting on and flirting with iReg now that Resilience-ZombieTrooper has wised up and kicked her to the kerb. Trouble is her best friend sexyheels is his Lady.But this aint no issue for ladytrash she has been kaw celibate and without a kaw man for a few months and is looking for a new kaw sugar daddy to fund her kaw addiction.
  11. LadyTrash is a double standard's hypocrite to even lecture anybody on changing alligences. Look at her history she jumps around from one alliance to another & clan's , left,right and centre.
  12. 1. Did you even read what I wrote regarding my account? 
    2. SexyHeels isn’t my best friend. Jesus. We aren’t even friends. 
    3. RZT didn’t kick me anywhere. You got things twisted, girlfriend. 
    4. Sugar daddy? I have no need for one.  I’ve never accepted a single dollar from anyone. In fact, you’d be surprised how many have accepted and taken dollars from me on kaw. Especially the clan you claim that I have “backstabbed”.
    5. I’ve only ever been in two alliances in 8 years, darling.

    It is clear that you will pull out the most random allegations from your behind, so I will now exit forums and continue to have an awesome RL.
    See y’all later.  If you’ve got questions, feel free to pm. Otherwise, good luck with future conspiracies. 
  13. Basic English comprehension Ronald, read it word by word if you still cannot understand it. :roll:
  14. Guilty or not? You the kaw public decide. A traitor and backstabber and a leopard dont change his spots and you can expect the same situation occur to every clan ladyash joins. Or hindsight just a act of foolishness from that resilience / apoc should forgive and let her back in? One thing's for sure she is a terrible liar and a double crosser.
  15. Lol she cried to my owner the loser venom/ Esctacy /Frost for help against me haha.Both are known liars
  16. Let’s have a summary of ladytrash actions:
    -Sold her account to regulators
    -Retired but came back
    -Flirts with ireg after years of fighting
    -Leaves her clan in one of the biggest wars

    Safe to say you’re not wanted trash so go cuddle with ibeg
  17. You must have very little to do in life Roni if all you do is flame and troll here, you don't even play the game. I do feel sorry for you because dysfunctional behavior like this stems from issues irl. I legit do not bother reading most of your paragraphs, as they are an attempt to flame, 99% of them are stories with almost no truth to them. You take a sliver of truth and twist it to suit your story and agenda.

    1. Me: Changes account name cuz bored.

    Get well soon Ronald. This got boring like yesterday. Find something productive to do with your life.
  18. This wally hired me yesterday from 59T to 210T. I am now 7,500# on the L.B most expensive lol. Yet he calls me the crazy one :- what a chump.
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