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Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Jean, May 4, 2018.

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  1. Well, when do they ever listen?

    Instead of fixing the actual problems, they came up with pets, furniture, charms and trading. And there are still ppl spending money, no wonder dev team don't bother at all. Events, ebs, tradings.. is this still kingdoms at war?
  2. No, it’s kingdom at $60 dollar EB.
  3. If by team you mean the two Devs in charge of Kaw, sure. That’s enough to hardly maintain the game. Forget progression
  4. Many thanx Devs
  5. Caster has said they are recruiting to strengthen the kaw team.
  6. They’re recruiting new employees (that need to be paid) for a game that most have given up on and is dying at a fast rate? Who the hell increases costs when revenue decreases And no, this game has no hope for a come back.

    Yeah right, Caster.
  7. Then why are you playing? Last thing we need is negative people. If you’re going to be negative keep it to yourself, what we can do is give positive feedback and constructive criticism.
  8. It’s called being realistic, mate. And I don’t see you spending a single dollar either.
    Does that make you a pro rich boy cheerleader? “Please keep spending so I can play.”
  9. They actually had 9 new employees join ATA yesterday! It's all over their Instagram.
  10. Hi Bach :). You know what they say."Proclaim one thing in public, but out of sight are doing exactly what they accost and insult other people for". Cough,Cough Ladyash was called Venom last week :-o. They retire then make a comeback on massive stat accounts.We can all put 2+2 together.Why spend real money and invest into a dying game so she just said. What a hypocrite.
  11. Yay promo
  12. I just have badass friends, Roni. Maybe you’ll get an acc someday. One that exceeds 100m cs...
    I’d gift you one myself, but you wouldn’t really play it except for mouth off in WC and forums. So it’s a misplaced investment really.
    You’re welcome for responding, btw. I know how long you’ve been waiting for me to give you just the slightest bit of attention, babe. 
  13. Get it right LadyTrash i am a bigger star on kaw than you.All that you're known for is running from osw and being a traitor to Apoc and jumping to the other side. Ohh yeah and one more thing that you're known for changing from a female account into a mans name and going from Resilience clan and joining Regulator's :- res's osw enemy. "Traitor" is your middle name .And I'm a great investment just ask Venom /Ecstasy or look at my hire price.The joke's on you Miss_So-Yesterday :p
  14. What happened to plunder increases for regular non-payed EBs?
    Nice sell out.
  15. How do you get everything wrong, girl? But yeah, my secret second identity is BadAssDom. And even though I am still in osw with Regs, I am also a member there.

    Learn how to follow accounts properly, then you’d notice that my acc was sold to Regs 5 Months after I retired, idiot. Lol

    “Star” - Wtf? What kind of real life loser wants be a tap tap “Star”. Well, without the tapping coz you can’t even do that 
  16. You simply were volleyed because it’s absolutely humorous to watch you rage over it, self-proclaimed taptap “Star”.
  17. Guess those who retire can’t stay retired.
  18. That is usually the case, yes.
    You should be happy.
    And Bach, if you wish to engage me, then at least have the balls to do it properly. 
  19. You ‘lead an Osw’ then retire only to end up giving regulators a big account and come back, honestly, just stay off kaw.
  20. Your side is very good at coming up with conspiracies when they suit you most.
    Like I said to the “star”, if you would use your brain once in a while you would have noticed that I never gave Regs the acc - you don’t even have proof to support your silly claim.

    But congrats, the other side is just laughing at you self destructing over a conspiracy which they all know is untrue. Majority of Invictus included. 
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