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Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Jean, May 4, 2018.

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  1. From now until Monday May 7th, noon PT, earn 50% more plunder from the following Epic Battles!

    The Netherking
    Haunting: The Escape
    Revenge of the Warbeasts
    Zelgarad the Accursed

    During this promo the xtal limit will also be lifted.

  2. May the fourth be against you!!!
  3. +
  4. low effort thread. lock pls
  5. More promos wooo...not 
  6. How about something that can actually make us bridge the gap between small players and big players considering there’s a huge divide. Promos like these just doesn’t help.
  7. I agree! Smaller ppls are pushed back even further when new lands come out!
  8. How about a new free eb? It’s been how long since a free eb has been released. Or how about ya all explain this gifting thing thats “coming soon”
  9. Having a weekend break cya on monday
  10. How bout 50% promo on ALL ebs and not just paid ones? I mean sealers will always seal weather you promo regular ebs or not. I’m just saying give it a chance devs and if your return isn’t as high as you expect go back to just promo with paid ebs. I’m gonna do NK, promo or no promo I’m just saying spread the love you know
  11. What’s the point of getting excited about Easter,Christmas promos etc if y’all run the same during the year anyway? Need to change things up a bit
  12. Like you’d know anything being pinned for months suffering damage to your health ;)
  13. Support
  14. Naw. Not spending a dime. I’m sure the players in Heckfire will appreciate the money made from this game.

    Anyone that still spends on this game clearly has bad spending habits.

    How about some performance from the Devs so they can EARN the money they make here? Performance related pay. Try it.
  15. Sory dont get my salary yet for this month 
  16. Lets make it at least 100% papi!!!!!! 50% aint shiet!
  17. more money for devs = more years of countless taps on my screen! Sign me up!
  18. I remember when people actually used to try support these things
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.