Weekend Promo & The Revenge of the Radiant

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  1. New Epic Battle

    The Aetherlux have created an abomination of Light, and seek to smother all of Pallumen with Her Illumination.
    Call together your allies and stop their radiant assault!

    The Radiant have returned for revenge along with a new force, Hexavia the Illuminated. The following EBs will be available for a limited time, from August 7th Noon Pacific until August 10th Noon Pacific. To access these Epic Battles your clan will need Drums of the Bloodless that you can purchase for 25 Nobility Points.
    • Calydor the Lustrous - 4 Drums
    • Z'uthermak of the Luminous Depths - 6 Drums
    • Apheriun of the Sun - 8 Drums
    • Skorpios the Darkslayer - 9 Drums
    • Scrag the Blazing - 10 Drums
    • Hexavia the Illuminated - 12 Drums


    Weekend Promo

    For a limited time, from August 7th Noon Pacific until August 10th Noon Pacific, the following EBs will have 33% increased plunder:
    • The Netherking
    • Hexavia the Ravenstorm
    • Zelgarad the Accursed
    • Haunting: The Escape
    • Revenge of the Warbeasts
    • Calydor the Lustrous
    • Z'uthermak of the Luminous Depths
    • Apheriun of the Sun
    • Skorpios the Darkslayer
    • Scrag the Blazing
    • Hexavia the Illuminated
    Thanks for playing!
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  2. First comment.
  3. Also, no support.
  4. What are those EB series listed in 33% promo, bottom of list. None of those exist 😂
  5. :/ :/ Hexy is looking a little ill. Is it fair to beat up sick people?
  6. They're visible near the top of the eb list atm
  7. Where is the guide of these ebs ?
  8. Wtf? New ebs not dropping plates?!? That’s just wrong. Boo! :(
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  9. 10 dollars for a 33% EB warbeast 😳 dang talk about milking the cow devs, it’s time u guys down prize seals and horns or Buff the Plunder Pay out for All EB, New Lands Again and EB are paying the Same Plunder from last Buff you made.. Pls don’t release anymore lands like until 5 more years the gap is gone at this point.