Weekend Jokes Dev?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by -RaDiAnZ-, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. It is fixed you nub.
    Don't like it, don't war.
  2. It's fixed what? If kaw_admin answered me that " they'r still working", if their plunders is the same exploit as before.....what is fixed you Pr0? The new system matchup with the % of hit of player vs roster? Sure...
  3. We can't hit big builds now? We can just hit people our size. Lol.

    get butthurt.
  4. Wahahahaha.....there you go. Typical talk of a GH: lol:
  5. Prrrr bb code fail :lol:
  6. But we only can hit people our size...?

    Are you... Stupid?
  7. Gilga

    It's hard to comment pass these GH power houses. Let them live in their own t2 world. Lol

    Actually the real reason they stay as GH?
    1. 90% just cannot make it to grow... Is hard for them. Although they supposedly earn alot of gold. They prolly bank them into BB!! Wahahaha
    2. 10% are the true GH warriors aka banks. Buy we do not see these pros posting on forums. The ones we get here are usually those half baked GH with prolly 1-2 20B allies. They are strong bro. Beware!!

    Back to business. This weekend is a joke!
    Live and let live. Enjoy the moment!

  8. The point is if it doesn't pay better than the haunting and doesn't drop anything its a waste. Doesn't matter how many were in the series. Why make an eb that people won't be doin after a few days?
  9. much agreed Atr!
  10. For those who don't understand what rad is trying to put across, please try to do the new eb and you will understand.
    He's trying to inform Dev that the new eb pay craps n tedious to do it compare to haunting. Furthermore with the new introduction of HF lands n buildings, it will take you a longer period to HFBC.
    No comments for those who thinks that they are happy with their own built but as a supporter to this game, we have every rights to voice out our views by not infringing the TOE. So I hope that you will respect our views too.