Weekend Jokes Dev?

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  1. Devs, thank you
    For giving us 2 wonderful weekend jokes..

    1. Valium Knights 
    2. JokeRaththe Silver

    We shall await more... Am going to head to the store to get more tissue. Laughed  till I cried buckets.....

  2. Valium knights. Hmm. I wonder when the Noble Knights will come in.

    Ba dum tsss.
  3. Devs amaze me how they keep ******* up a good game
  4. When will you people be happy!?!?
  5. Ill post this here.

    How is making guides not being "rad" to eachother? It
    helps a bunch of players, for what gain? None. That's pretty darn rad and helpful.

    Wait, I know, are you mad because you didn't get the achievement after trying so hard? It okay, they said there is still a chance!

    Now I need the tissues after seeing how butthurt you are that you made a thread to follow up your butthurt post.

  6. Another boot licker with... GREAT stats!!!
  7. Honestly if you want to hate his thread, do what the devs love. Just go to the Valium.. I mean Valiant knight thread and go
    "Wow.. Yeah! Gratz! Positive! Awesome.."
    Post what you canto shine their boots. I do it need any shining here.

    Leave his to people who know what I am talking about.

    Remember our lovely mod Donkey?
    2 full years a mod. He also made the game great etc... Erm, maybe devs took too much Valium and forgot about like him.

  8. Says the one following the unhappy bandwagon trying to sound cool bagging on people because You have never heard of them.

    Glad all you got from my post was my "GREAT stats" really shows your intelligence. Insult the speaker rather than try rebutting my argument.

    Ill ask again since you obviously need it. How is making guides that help a lot of players (for no gain) not being "rad"?
  9. Sure, donkey probably deserved the achievement. That still doesn't mean those who did get it are not deserving. Its not like they said "hey, lets be rad and get this achievement so donkey doesn't."

    Therefore, your "donkey deserves this" argument is flawed.
  11. You are welcome

    And a little bit of an attention-seeker
  12. Monkey..

    Stats says alot. If you have not been there. How so you know what to say or what to do?
    Guides help players I agree but that does not make them "rad".

    I have no wish to argue with you as I am allowed to have my own thoughts on this.

    You seem almost like a Devs alt. FYI, I am not here to make the devs look silly. But for them to understand that when you run a casino, you should try our best to recognize the high rollers (the people who actually keep your casino afloat), rather than those who stand by the jackpot machine complaining that the free coffee is too sweet or the guest by the information counter who tells you which banker is having a bad day.

    Please respect my threat and leave this to what it is. You love and enjoy the valiant knights winner, please go ahead to wall them. Maybe you be next?

    I respect those who were chosen as players. Buy sadly, many others are more deserving.

    In addition, my thread is also about the new JokeRath the Silver, and in my opinion, pays a minuscule amount to what HF lands and buildings are gonna cost.

    Cheers! Radz
  13. Been where? Haha. I was here during the pwar era before ebs. Just on a diffrent account
  14. Actually, this is my main. Its been reset because I enjoy the game as a smaller stat player. Stats are tricky. Being so, no, they do not say a lot.

    You really seemed to want an argument up until a couple of minutes when you looked very silly.

    I in no place said I agreed to the devs selection or wished to congratulate them. Or I would have done so on that thread..where did you get that idea from? Grasping for something?

    Anyways, enjoy the new subject of your thread. The last one wasn't very good now that you look back, was it.
  15. Before PWs!! Lol. With what stats? LL?
    Now it's HF lands bro. LL-HL-HF... Wow you must have worked really hard to come to your current level. 
    Anyhow. Am not going to bash you anymore. Your comments are valid but please allow us to have a voice.
  16. Haha. Where did I say before pwars? And if you read carefully I said on another account