weekend events

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  1. Not sure how many this affects but as a nurse I work the majority of weekends if not all. I end up missing the best things in most games including this one as a result. For instance I scheduled myself for some overtime this weekend a few weeks ago I am doing 16 hours Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday I’m off Tuesday as it’s my birthday but of course promotion ends the 8th lol. I missed most of the first Estoc trial wars and pretty much every pvp event since always weekends. A lot of people with good jobs work weekends and miss out and as a result devs missing a possibly large market of people. I have thought about this for awhile and just figured I’d see if anyone else is affected. Even a simple calendar of upcoming promotions would help as other than Black Friday they are fairly random.
  2. Working in weekends sure suck sometimes!

    I'm still a student, haven't started working yet,
    Boom! II remember back then in 2014-2015 I always participated on PvP event weekends, if not more.

    But then I simply choose not to participate anymore mainly because the PvP reward incentives seems no longer appealing to me now than it is before.