Weekend Crux Drop Rates! *In progress*

Discussion in 'Activities' started by AutoBot, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. So as the devs roll out another event, I'm looking to see how often each clan is getting drops and with what eb!

    So far looking at the top b2b HTE clans the drop rates appear decently low ( devs statement for drops being rare proves true lol).

    I'm curious to see how everyone's drop rate is differing and if the rate is significantly different between HTE and let's say the scrag series.

    Post how many crux (if HTE/ROTWB please specify gold) and which epic battles your clan ran!

    I will update with any info I think would be pertinent for the community!

    -Gold Crux- The drop rate for gold appears very good for HTE, Many have been dropped and I've seen up to two an HTE.
    -Regular crux- drop pretty frequently from Most epics.

    Happy kawing! :)
  2. We had a gold crux drop very first hte we ran
  3. First time we ran summoner 3 crux chest I was lucky ^_^
  4. Battlegrounds also got one so I'm thinking the HTE rate is much higher for drops, which is assumed of course as it's not free.
  5. Just got my very own gold crux on 3rd hte we ran
  6. It seems that gold crux drops are pretty frequent, I'm seeing a lot of them!

    A nice treat from the devs.
  7. Seems like crux drop every other eb
  8. We got 2 drops on AFF, but that's all I have seen
  9. I have personally gotten a drop of normal crux in HTE and one in a normal haunt.

    The rate for crux drops actually seems pretty high considering it's rare, and I've seen a lot of gold ones dropping from HTE.