we will never forget...

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  1. We will give you a pet shark when you give us our long awaited sharks eb
  2. Yeah, I use Postimage.org

    Just make sure the image isn't too large and use it as: [img.]paste the 'direct link' here[/img.] and voila!

    I never got that fork anyway, though I did see a few pics of it. Shame on devs for not granting me with the power of +1 stats :sad:
  3. Lol did I miss something?
  4. Here it is - my most favorite equip - I miss u

  5. Oh that's awesome 
  6. Maybe if we enchant it, we might get +2 attack damage!
  7. The Mage will fail, I say we fire him and hire a hot sorcerous, I mean we can't go wrong with a hot girl doing magic.

    Unless of course that hot girl is not hot enough, then that can go very wrong in deed.
  8. I want some Panda boots, and i am still butt hurt devs.. Give me 1.86v to download from ithunes

    XD my old phone needs it pls
  9. I was hopin that devs would read this thread and give me back my equip that they stole

    Heartless devs....
  10. I mean its not like we pay 15k a day gross revenue or anything the least they can do is give the poor man his fork back
  11. Pet shark with frigging lasers ?
  12. This has made my year thank you 
  13. Devs, what's the point of having a kingdom if we can't eat in our banquets? I'm sure no one wants to eat with their sickles, abyssal blades etc...

    We eat with out forks!
  14. Poor fella. Readin that just broke my heart...Lost his fork and all...

    I mean, what kinda world do we live in where a mans fork can just be taken by the 'powers that be' at any time?
    It's just not cricket mate.
    None of us are safe y'know.

    I even heard Terry down the street had his bottle opener stolen..
    I know mate! I know! It's the lowest act a man can ever sink too. Down right rotten thieves.
    Terry's neighbour Conni found him in the kitchen just starin at his beer sobbin'. The poor bugga.
    How's a man suppose to open his beer without a bottle opener i tell ya?. Its just not right.

    I don't even think im gonna leave me flip flops out the front anymore. I mean, anybodys a target. Even that Spragga fella.
    A man's fork was taken. Its the crime of the centuary my friend. Things wont ever be the same again, mark my words.

    Anyway, back to it ay. Catch ya down the pub later. And mind ya flip flops mate! ya neva know who's watchin.
  15. Strolling down memory lane

    I saw my old post and the pic of my fav equip ever and wept

    please give me back this equip.