We Are Vogue

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  1. Now there comes a time when we all need a reality check. There are those out there who seek to harm people. Noone really understands why that is- some say insecurity; others say it's a Daddy Left Us kind of thing. I'm willing to wager insecurity, I'm a terrible gambler, I prefer the more obvious bet.

    There are certain clans out there dedicated to doing just that, they are not hard to find. More often than not they find you.

    Now I ain't going to point any fingers, but I just want to know their level of support. They are usually gifted with a silver tongue, can easily fool the ignorant into believing just about anything they want.

    So I'd like to hear from the people of Kaw, do you agree with their existence, or is there such a thing as going too far? And our best bet is to shut them down?

    All suggestions are appreciated. This is I guess more of a vote.

    Yay- you agree with them.
    Nay- you would rather they be gone.

    Thanks ;)
  2. i thought this would be a statless account. I was right.
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  4. Im not statless, Im just really short. and skinny.

    I see the ignorance is strong in you dark padawan.
  5. short, skinny, and statless.
  6. You take this game way to seriously..
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