We are Lucky.

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  1. You have a well established KAW account.

    That may mean you frequently use your device.

    Which means you have a device which in many people's cases is a very expensive or reasonably expensive device

    You frequently using your device means you have a place where there is electricity.

    This place with electricity must be warm and comfortable enough .

    You playing KAW means you are alive and reasonably healthy.

    You reading this right now shows your health is reasonable as well as your mental health.

    You play KAW frequently means you have free time. Free time which you can allot to play a phone game.

    You being able to read this shows you are literate.

    For many of you being literate means you can do many more things such as read, further your career or education.

    Many of you pay money into this game, which may mean that literally nearly all of you players have the basic needs and necessities in life. It means you are well off and you have disposable income.

    Many people don't have many of these things.

    They have no shelter. They have no food,drink and warmth.
    They lack the necessities.
    Many lack electricity in their lives which has many implications and limitations.
    Many are not literate because they have no opportunity for education.
    Many are not comfortable.
    Many do not have as much free time as us and may lack basic security.

    We have a lot in our lives. We should count ourselves lucky. When we ever think we are unfortunate, always remember there are people worse off than us.

    This Easter, thank the Lord or whoever is the reason for who you are and how you are (most importantly your parents) and have a great Easter!

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  3. It's their own fault for not being born in a better country lel
  4. I support these actions
  5. I don't have health care though... My family thought a phone would be more important...
  6. Needs pictures.

    How the hell am I supposed to know what the thread is about if there's no god damned pictures?
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  9. Support
  10. I agree with some of this, and take issue with some.

    Who are you to assume that everybody who plays this game are in reasonable health?

    Quadriplegics are capable of playing video games. A friend of mine describes paralysis as death with the ability to see...

    Thats not very luck at all.

    A few months ago I remember reading a story in forums about a girl suffering from ALS who played this game until her condition made it impossible.

    Yes many of us are blessed, but dont assume everyone has it good because they have access to a phone app.

    Edit: Oh yea, Happy Easter :)

  12. If you have no warmth food or water your dead. So these people you speak of dont exist
  13. Very refreshing read. Puts life into perspective. We really do have so much to be grateful for.

    Happy Easter, OP. And thanks for the nice thread ️
  14. Actually, I'd like to add one thing that I was just marveling at the other day.

    We can literally eat anything we damn well feel like at any time, at a very reasonable cost. If I want water from the most pristine reserves on the planet, I can buy a bottle of Fiji. If I want to taste the flesh of creatures in the sea, I can. I can eat cow, even though I probably couldn't kill one with my own hands. I can eat rare tropical fruits that were grown thousands of miles away by people who can't afford to eat them themselves.

    We have access to all this great food, yet most of us choose to put the worst crap in our fat faces. We are spoiled as hell, and we haven't done a damn thing to deserve it
  15. Seconded.
  16. I fail to see how being able to read this means you don't have mental health problems, mental health problems and learning difficulties are completely different.
  17. Also people spending money on this doesn't mean they're well off, many people (especially with mental health problems) struggle greatly with money management and impulse control, those two coupled with an addictive game like this doesn't particularly speak of healthy to me.
  18. Are ppl infringing on my "White privelege"