WARS. KaW devs make them more worthwhile

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  1. It’s in the title. This is no longer a war game. it’s awful.
  2. Want a chair to decorate your castle and make it pretty?
  3. Revamp pvp first, then fix the warring system
  4. Ee is dead. No season 7. This event kills EE more than ever as one NEEDS to hit ebs for eq. The previous attempt at this at the tide of woe event had eb drops as rewards for top 10/50/100 war. T10 got 100 k, 50 like 50? And 100 30 or something. As people are forced to hit ebs less people ee meaning less LL and less people in indi which makes brackets 14-15 ppl big down to 10-12 making every bracket worse off. Ee doesn't make money ebs do so don't expect anything else from the devs they know that they are killing wars with no war eq in MONTHS why they restricted eq to eb only. It's all about profit.
  5. Great points. I’d like to pvp with a chair leg I rip off from that fruit who answered first. WAR game? Bah. Pathetic.
    DEVS I made a mistake. More completely useless garbage please that I can pay money for. I have a few pies of irrelevance. Please add, cash spend of meaningless pie. I need it.
    More lots and lots of nonsense.
    That’ll def work
  6. Begrudgingly Faust is correct
  7. This furniture business is childish and completely irrelevant to the game we signed up to play get rid of it !

    There was a time you allowed us to vote for something as a community, I can't remember what for now maybe names for roles in a clan.

    Could you not list ten things your considering working on and let us vote on what is a priority to us as a community? Let us decide where you take this game next!?
  8. I've said it before but I think ATA doesn't play their own games.
    There's a considerable chunk of dedicated warriors that war, that chased the Prizmai war events and the other ones.
    I still see some of some warring for the sake of it, because they like warring even though ATA has essentially taken away all incentive to war.

    From a development PoV, ATA has x amount of resources and time they can dedicate to something. Unfortunately they reason that putting effort into things like furnishings and trading would be more lucrative than a better war system.

    It's disappointing we haven't had S7 this year and wars have been totally sidelined. I do believe if the devs were to show interest in putting out a better war system, you'd have players willing to try.

    I'm not defending ATA's decision to ignore wars, but look at it this way. Hypothetically say they had 100 hours of manpower to put into KaW development. If trading, furnishings and the showcase took 100 hours put together and revamping/fixing the war system took 100 hours on its own. They'd focus on the former. That's how they prioritise updates and what they work on. Based on what they think would be the most lucrative while including the most number of players.
  9. I'd personally like a pond by my castle where I can fish
  10. I predict the biggest decline of this game once more accounts reach the deepmines. Devs have made it so you pretty much have to do Trains or spend big on Black Friday. I for one am not taking their bait and spending more
  11. Agreed Mino. Direct and to the point 

  12. Maybe ee is dead because LL wars a the most boring things ever, id rather hit ebs 

  13. Doubt it
  14. In the past wars flourished, were always at hand and had great numbers of warriors that participated. In all honesty war participation has dropped considerably due to the incentives for all types including system wars and EE wars being stripped.

    This lead to the fall of participation. Although I do know exploits were the reason for the stripping of incentives starting in system wars. Then we saw exploits in EE wars with the good old micro-warriors or “GH’s” of the past days.

    Then indi types were smashed and left with one type of indi war and LLwars were introduced. LLwars are found to be boring by most cause of low stat, low payout, along with no incentives.

    I do not though understand the stripping of equipment in EE wars, this was to not just show the true warriors which warred but have the incentive of obtaining rivaling equipment to our eb hitting counterparts.

    When things are stripped from a situation without a replacement or reason or future consideration people tend to say forget it, especially after they have tried to help with a solution over the time. It’s like an hourglass draining to its final grain without anything happening to stop the clock, once the grains stop dropping... time stops. It becomes dust covered and loses luster. You may have people look at it, and all you get to see is no movement from the emptiness inside. This emptiness is what’s happened with war participation.

    Participation would greatly increase if the war system and system wars had its incentives besides a few Mith, your crystal back if lucky, and these event items along with your Estocs Edge spell for EE. As for Mith what can it be used for? It’s lost to the side to only be used for wars when people cast their Mith, no one is going to use it on equip and max it up with event equipment blowing that old equipment to the Netherlands in stats. Yes you may get some noobs that may want to buy Mith equip for charm use, then again they gotta war for it and if that’s the only incentive for a player well participation will stay low keeping Mith as a don’t need it material.

    Exploits are one of the major causes of what’s happened to wars which in return has brought it to this area, but it should not be abandoned. I myself have been here 6 years and my main reason for playing is because I like to war. Yet with the way the system is and not seeing any feedback, this is what really sort of distances me trying further. As I have tried numerous times with ideas of my own, other players.

    I understand to make a system that is exploit free is nearly impossible. I know it’s a a lot of hard work on your end, but I do have the utmost confidence in ATA that it can be done.

    Quite honesty if updates given lately had also a war aspect to it the systems may not need changing. Just tweaked perhaps or what not.

    I’ve stated before for legends... why not have a “win so many EE wars” and have war equip only. Better than dropping two pieces per event like in previous legends. One for war one for eb’s, this would satisfy both sides and would I’m sure get more people to war for the war side equipment that can only be gotten by warring.

    Furnishings? What about War style furnishings? The updates being released can be monetized in the war aspect of kaw if done correctly. This is being said, there are many many warriors that love to war. From s business standpoint I would look to see and I know it can be done find revenue in the War schema of the game.

    If things were looked at from what I’ve spoken of you’d see more participation and what would one want to see in more participation? A revenue stream. The more people that fill a empty space the greater the chance of making profit by numbers. By not trying to grow that area in wars leaves it as a non-revenueable area, in which gets no priority on game advancements in that category.

    Not knocking you ATA, after all I’m green, but I’m also a player that’s spoken with a very many other warriors like myself that would like to see the war schema advance rather than lead way to the dust field.
  15. kaw implodes day after day. It has become a pure profit game. I would not be surprised if we will soon pay only to hit daily nobs. RIGHTLY LISTENS WHAT WE SAY AND NOT THE MODS! Who does this stupid castle? only help to fill your pockets with gold!

    Why should we worry about the game if nobody listens and nothing changes?

    devs need to lissen gamers not mods....

  16. I’m just curious why not the mods? If they expand the war system we can all win. As for revenue from wars it would be no different than how they done the events but at least we would have more warriors come out. Not to mention I’ve done a ton of work to try to get wars fixed not just my ideas but the communities as well.
  17. If they revamp ee war IF they do the gotta decide a platform,device or pc it can’t be both
  18. The Best idea
  19. War is dead, its hard to encourage the warriors to war, why ?no benefits from warring,sad to see its dying, we are not against all the new features but dont kill wars :/ we cant even fill up 15 warriors in one war, we need to get a mercs so we can sign up.. maybe change this to party in my kingdom :p pimk ;) lol joke
  20. Ee has to many cheaters for rewards. The rewards bring out more cheaters making wars suck even more than they do now. War for fun people that's why you play this game right? If its not fun don't do it.