Warning: Seal Of Deflection Usage

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  1. "something good,"

    Please do go on...
  2. There is a gif that replaces Bill with Ron Jeremy's presidential parts.
  3. I support the use of a Classic wrestler
  4. Y u slaughtered goats?
    What did a goat do to you?
    What if a goat slaughtered you and threw your intestines randomly
    I Am appalled
  5. Yay more worthless political post. I thought this was over
  7. Its not political, it's scientific. Unless you're a liberal, this post is VERY helpful.

  8. Enjoyable thread as per usual!
  9. Once again , Epic work again , keep em coming 
  10. Thanks bro.
  11. I wanted to note in this thread i made a reference to Jimmy Snukas corpse....

    I thought he was dead. Turns out he wasnt on January 7th.

    He subsequentially died on Jan 15th.

    Im TOTALLY freaked out.
  12. did you murder superfly jimmy snuka to cement your position as the modern day nostradamus?

    or did you just murder jimmy superfly snuka because he never responded to your risque fan mail?
  13. There's no misleading informations. Just alternative facts.
  14. Support for communicable disease sufferers of whom have consequently passed due to trying out the exoskeleton armour.