Warning: Seal Of Deflection Usage

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  1. [title=red+white]WARNING[/title]

    [title=red+white]ATTENTION KAW USERS[/title]

    A recent study done by an independent pool of scientists inside Bad Company Headquarters has revealed a defect in the commonly used SEAL OF DEFLECTION potion.

    The study shows that the item claiming that it "deflects enemy projectiles safely away from your ARMY" comes with a bit of a price. Sure, your ARMY is safe from "projectiles".

    We tested everything. Including bear pelts, goat intestines, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's corpse...all deflected successfully. Interesting side effect, Jimmy Snuka flies WAY further when a seal is chucked at him. Probably due to low weight due to death. Whatever. Still funny.

    [title=red+white]THINGS THAT DONT DEFLECT[/title]


    "Unholy Porthole" scent

    Moderator Humor

    Hillary Clinton

    And as you all know, too much exposure to Hillary Clinton has been known to cause cancer in laboratory rats. Trust me. You should see all the cancer rats we had. And you, the KAW player are far too important to get cancer from a Hillary Clinton that is thrown at you.

    You'd be like "Ohhhsnaaaap, Hillary incoming...lemme throw this Seal of Deflection!"

    Boom, cancer.

    This, again, was an independent study, and for the love of Pete, whoever Pete is, do not take anything I say seriously. The last thread I posted about the Exoskeleton Armor giving you a communicable disease was deleted in seconds. I have no idea why, and I was subsequently forum banned for it.


    Thank you.
  2. Lmao 
  3. This is what I've missed most in forums. :lol: thanks Willy! :lol: :lol:
  4. Lol what is the hillary gif from 
  5. Willy for forum prez
  6. She short circuited
  7. Support
  8. The day she won the Democratic nomination. The balloons fell, she was surprised, then she gave her husband the cancers.
  9. What can we do to protect ourselves from the cancers? Can I use shrieking portal to counteract the Clinton?
  10. The shrieking portal is basically like playing Hatebreed directly into your eardrums. I'd recommend the healing aura and go with Mother Earth and the herbal methods.
  11. And you totally redeemed forums. Love it
  12. This was truly one of the least amusing (intentionally 'comedic) posts I have read anywhere.

  13. Statless alt makes a post hating on something good. Nothing new here
  14. I've missed threads like this
  15. Misleading info mods plz lock