~Warlord's Beginner's Guide to Trading~

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  1. Are these prices still current? I was wanting to trade for a chandelier :)
  2. Yes they are
  3. Bump in actives for returning player
  4. Cheers
  5. It’s a good job but the price list is awfully skewed. None of that reflects bulk pricing which every piece of furniture price is negotiable. You have to consider who wrote this thread , all though a good thread, op is major trader that and these prices are not set in stone.

    The buyer sets the market not the seller. So you shouldn’t just refer to that price list.
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  6. It's a general guide to give you an idea of a good price range, low end tends to be at -or- just above bulk prices, with all that in mind don't forget to ask for price checks from trusted traders.
    So listen to the price list -or- get price checks, either way you'll be fine.
  7. Not really........just remember that buyer sets the market
  8. To each their own, yours is just one lonely lonely opinion
  9. Cheers, this was really helpful as someone coming back from a few years out trying to decipher the madness
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  10. These prices seem a little outdated, what’s current prices for dismantle?
  11. This is very helpful. Great idea . Thank you.