~Warlord's Beginner's Guide to Trading~

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  1. Keeping it active.
  2. Wow, I actually learned quite a bit from this. Nice War, I dig I dig
  3. This is a wonderful guide! Very useful!
  4. Nice job war
  5. This is a very inaccurate thread.
  6. Great Job Noob
  7. Psh you're the noob
  8. Finally a great thread.
  9. This is really quite helpful! I’ve been playing 8yrs but never really taken the time to delve into it. Now, with all the changes, it’s more of a strategy game. Thanks for the assist!
  10. how much are whole sets usually worth
  11. It depends on the set tbh
  12. Bump because this was super helpful
  13. Very helpful