~Warlord's Beginner's Guide to Trading~

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  1. well done tribute !
  2. Thanks for the thread. Very helpful.
  3. This by far is one of the best threads for player that inquiry and help, for this area of the game this is extremely well put together. From the layout and bbcode to the enormous amount of information. You’ve done exceptional which nothing less ever coming from you.
  4. ^What the mod said, good job War
  5. I never got a manticore or a cow....
  6. Me neither :'(
  7. You had to be somewhat active and affected to get either. For manticore, you had to have owned a charm or eq that was broken at some point (so, no long-inactive alts). For cow, I can't remember if it was based on activity in the ongoing event or just on login at the relevant time
  8. Great job War bro. Extremely informative & well thought out. 
  9. Good Job War!! Informative and well written, thanks for taking the time to write this out.
  10. Bump, SUPPORT.
  11. Great guide
  12. Awesome guide!
  13. Nice thread and helpful
  14. Turn around and let me see this sexy forum go bump bump bump 
  15. Bump and support obviously
  16. I have no clue what im doing here
  17. If you need more help I'd be happy to pm you