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  1. A few ideas to make war more a better place. .. I know it's been said before but war times are pretty awful , more war opportunities during the day would be better, every 4 hours or so. Wait times reduced to 30 mins in clan, an hour is far to long to be hanging about, also at end of war immediate kick from clan, this period for some is an opportunity to moan and kick off ! It's really not needed, it causes more issues than it should
  2. I’d like to see them change how the war leaderboard works. In its current state, players who reach top 10 are those who cast the most (you can literally get top10 by losing every war as long as you cast for all of them). This just gives players incentive to get actions to ensure tokens and not play to try and win, whereas imo it should be based on how well you do in these wars.

    A simple way to make the leaderboard more centred on how ‘good’ you do in these wars is to limit the number of sign ups each player can do per daily refresh (this could potentially be 2 or 3 instead of being able to cast for all 5) meaning those who win the most will be will be highest on the leaderboard, which would give a better ‘leaderboard’ representation.

    However, due to each war being more important to where you would place on the leaderboard, people may begin to double cast more to try and ensure a victory. Which would mean Devs being more proactive at giving SS to those who do.
  3. I agree. The tournaments used to be a bug thing and taken seriously... I can't pertake in them because of work, but why do so many sign up and go inactive, not even mith up?.. It must be so annoying!
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  4. I know why... We the gamers 'gamed' the ee wars so much, devs had to make wars so anyone can war, hence indi. I remember in season 1... And Omets are guilty of this... Would drop equip to hairy legs and spikey helmet to get a weaker match up, then put on full Red Paladins, also use the GH build which was another loop hole.. Those that don't know was 1x att building and all the rest Guild Hall, it meant you could assas a top big player to ko, while staying at low CS. So we started building clans of unbeatable builds, but that's OK, that's strat lol.. I miss the ole clan wars and respect to all who fought in them
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  5. Strategy? That's one way to put it. Wars are dead because no one wants to actually dig in and risk a loss. So many players over the years and war clans spent their time finding and abusing exploits. To the point that they pushed out casual players that wanted to have fun. Leaving only exploit clans to war exploit clans and then the team who couldn't exploit more stoped signing up. Back in the earlier days of 24/48hr wars those were actually fun. Hitting for a few hours coming back after sleeping or work to chat with your team and to adjust strategy, like an actual war. 2hr wars are just rewards grabs they arent actual wars. What "war" last two hours? It's not long enough for any real strategy because your who clan is online and self pinning on targets. Wars take months or years giving the 48hr format a better war feeling than these 2hr junk wars. I always shake my head a people who used to exploit the system asking why wars are dead. To be quite honestly put, because you went willing to lose so you exploited they system by using in it a manner that was not intended. Forcing devs to strip it down to an unplayable event.