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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by RidgeCoyote, May 30, 2017.

  1. I'm still learning the art of war, in this game, nvm the art of wc'ing. So pretty much a noob. But why are most of y'all so predictable? It's like the perfect hyb stats are passed on and everyone has the exact same stats in ll. And in indi, tons and tons of spy def but very few spies. We need some daring experiments in the art of war, but people follow this narrow pattern and instead of trying something different, when they are losing, they give up and blame inactive or leakers. More creativity please. Ty
  2. Everyone have the same stats in LL because it cycles. For a while everyone will Hansel, then to combat all the hansels will all switch to I think hyb? (Been a while since I warred) but after they are all hybs people will combat them as attack builds, and then the cycle continues
  3. Spy defense? Pffffft.
  4. My opinion, your stats is worse than a ps at indi wars.
    at 170m indi bracket, ur cant tank your troops and ur spy cant assn oppon tanks.
    what u can do is diving troops quickly with poor plunder (or 0 plunder) then scout for actions or tank ur troops but been skimmed and leaks
  5. I see your point, but I'm amazed at the lemming-like surety of those who think "this is the only way to war " and whose only reason is, everyone does it thus.

    It makes me want to prove them wrong.

    Curse you kaw devs! You keep sucking me back into this game! Lol

  6. Wheres ur EE
  7. Its good to do something different good for you op. All you gotta do now is actually war.
  8. Be a tanksel we are awesome