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  1. kml... since you set the condition for PS to be attacked and reducing spy bar, why don’t you all allow PS to reduce warrior attack bar while spies are above 20%?

    If you’re tackling PS who goes inactive or doesn’t bank gold, the number of attacks leaks from each account would already give you good reasons to ban the player from warring.

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  2. should also penalize semi-inactives in wars. semi-inactives and latecomers are just same being inactive in wars. they are useless and can easily throw out the war.
  3. Alot of points being made.. I like the reduced time and change to war drops .. But People complain about leaky ps.. So you allow them to also be akoed? Doesnt make sense to me..
    ,,,,theres no way to disable a ps leak scenario other than being zero gold out and having allies hidden... Minizing the effects maybe but not changing what were complaining about.. A.good idea i had was to disable ally hires in ee wars to prevent ps strips. That would definitively disable ps strips... But The ps 'fix' doesnt change how we war or what happens when ps leaks.. Only slightly lessens how much they leak. ..
    ... I guess the fix minimizes the effects of ps w gold out or afk but not by much. But tbh I prefer they leak tho. I thought that was the trade off.. That they only have to worry about spies.. Its A lazy ass war build but you could leak like hell.
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  4. There should be a button to press 5 minute before war to show as active and get full reward. Late comers must press the button to enter the war. The later they press the button to enter the war the less rewards they get no matter win or lose. For example if a player press a button at 45 minutes war already started will only get 75% of reward. At 30 minutes get 50% rewards anyone get on less than 30 minutes should get zero rewards. At 15 minutes get sword. This way players will be more focus to war and stay active
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  5. Ps is a cheap cop out build, I think they should just require at least 1 minimum build tower in attack and spy to cast for war.
  6. This
  7. I can see the issues regarding ps build but surely restrictions on how a player wishes to war is going a step to far! Next we will have two builds only! Devs have a quick an simple fix to this issue and ignore it! Lock allies once cast and auto bank all gold! Job done
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  8. Auto-banking! The main reason I don't war is because I don't want to have to bank trils or quads in a random ally I find.
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  9. Yes I agree some don't want to bank a ps should not have to much gold out in any case!
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  10. How would auto banking work? What item would they bank on?

    Let’s say they bank on silver bars, what happens to the remaining gold when they go below 3b gold and can’t buy anymore? Would it try to bank on an item that’s costs less afterwards or just leave the remaining gold out?
  11. Auto bank, as soon as a ps casts the gold is automatically banked , the full amount, end of war unbanked! Simple fix for devs to do
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  12. This shows stripping a ps is part of war and makes it more important now to strip the ps than it was before. Now that we can do damage to the spies by attacking them I think you will have to say it's part of war.
  13. And make the build x4 more op than it already is lmao?

    Purespies want everything handed to them on a plate, it’s pathetic.
  14. What steps are you taking to prevent account sharing to get to T10/T50 leaderboards?
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  15. There should also be limit how many wars you can do every 24 hours. Since there is 5 wars every 24 hours can limit 4 wars per account every 24 hours. Some players wars 5 wars for the whole 2 weeks. It’s not possible to war 5 wars every 24 hours. It’s also giving disadvantage to LB players trying to reach top 10 when a small account can war all 5 wars without scrutiny.

    Also I add again that to join war must press active 5 minutes before war starts. When let can still join war but must press active to participate. The later to participate the lower the rewards it gets. Only way to forced players to be be active in war. For example when a player come late at 45 minutes and a press participate in war will lose 25% of rewards. At 30 minutes will lose 50% of the rewards
  16. Op please delete this game kthnx
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  17. Put a cap to cast per day, i just saw a kid so dilutional about war leaks on my pm, n casting so much aint helping should be a max of 2 i think, some kids arent sleeping to just war and that has to affect his real life, i cast lots n wont do it again after i saw that , i refuse to end like them, but im not a kid so i can see it they dont
  18. So this update protect way more to ps lol devs u all should try war at least once lol
  19. I like it now i dont even have to run and bank bc mechs will put me dtw or ko wohoooo i dint have to spend more on mith hide ally lol