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  1. Hello KAW! Recently, we have been taking a look at improving the warring experience, as this is a part of KAW many players enjoy and take pride in. We have heard your feedback on multiple issues and hope to be able to make this part of the game more enjoyable.

    The updates will do the following:
    1. Reduce amount of time waiting in war clan
    2. Reward winning more and simply participating less
    3. (Try to) Stop PS builds from leaking infinitely against other builds
    Please read below for further details.

    1. War schedule
    We've heard that the 1-hour wait time before being placed into a clan and the war starting is much too long. We are therefore reducing this time period to 30 minutes. This means you now only need to be out of a clan 30 minutes before the war starts in order to be placed. This should reduce the amount of pointless waiting before wars, allowing players to spend more time doing other more interesting things.

    2. Rewards
    Currently, players are able to simply join a war, do some actions, and then AFK without being punished. As such, we have changed the rewards to better reward the winners, instead of those who do not contribute:
    • Amount of victory tokens and collection items increased for winners, and decreased for losers
    • Chance to receive participant's chest is now higher for winners, and lower for losers
    3. PS build mechanic change
    A problem commonly facing warriors is that having a pure spy (PS) build who AFKs or does not hide their gold can be very detrimental. We are hoping to address this issue by making it so they cannot leak all of their gold to other builds.

    For the next few weeks, players who attack a PS while above 20% troops will be able to damage the opponent's spy bar. This means that a PS player will eventually become DTW for incoming attacks.

    Please leave questions or feedback in the thread below or send us a ticket. I'll be consolidating them all and can make adjustments depending on how these changes pan out.
  2. How about looking into the feedback I sent earlier maybe your changes impacted it and your help team was unaware, their response was laughable at best, as if they have no clue about the war system
  3. It’s a step forward I guess
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  4. Stripping a PS is a part of war. What you are proposing takes that away. Just auto hide allies for ps before war and bank all gold before war
  5. I still don’t see a punishment for people going afk. Yes there’s more incentive to win, but they can still get actions and go afk.
    Shattered sword needs to be given to people spending 45 mins afk’ing during the war
  6. Lira. The majority of pure spies do not leak in wars. That is because they make no plunder. Some thing that is also true is that they scout for actions. They can easily get 60 actions per war. It would really do you a favor to talk to people who war consistently. This update, while a step in the right direction, I guess does not do anything of use. It only helps in Seasonal Wars.
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  7. ^ furthermore it only punishes players for having pure spies on their team. Theres literally no easy solution. You either have a ps who scouts for actions or a hansel/hybrid who leaks all war. Again, ps make no plunder in wars, because if they did they would leak. Hansels can make plunder but they leak on initals and regens. However, a step in the right direction would be requiring 1 troop building minimum to war. No one hits ebs as a pure spy right? No. They attack with troops. If they have troops then, then why would it make sense to allow them to not have troops in wars? Being a hansel requires activity to not leak every 5 minutes. Idk how much more to say about this
  8. I however do want to note that by doing this you've actually substantially limited the effectiveness of all charm farms. People who charm farm only are active on alt accounts when pvp weekend is here. They cast pure spies to eat and full attack tanks to steal from. So this is actually a positive that I overlooked. Well done there
  9. Time to give my 2 cents I suppose.

    Reducing waiting time is nice very happy with the change I suppose as 1 hour is too long.

    Your solution is ok in theory but will need to be tested this event by seeing how many of the same scouters get t50/100 this war event. If this doesn’t work out then will have to see another solution(hopefully). One thing I would like to see drop as rewards is to double to quad the number of event drops for 50k for those warring and get the max amount of 600. Making it 1200-2400 items can make more people want to war as it would be worth it to war, get EE, war chests, and get event items. Also helps smaller accounts who only war more easily obtain 50k. Otherwise as of now with the max of 600 very hard for small accounts to even get 25k without NK.

    Another solution to fix inactive ps is to just have a good war report system that you have lacked for years. Ps are known to afk and been reported multiple times and have yet to get a sword. Same for LL builds who have over a million in towers to just sct and get defend inc for towers. Remove this entirely.

    I would like to see is to have people be reportable for openly admit to want to AFK/open. People such as musang, chooch, and anrod(and many many more) are known to do this in wars where they have someone they don’t like want them to lose. Have a solution to this as creating a toxic war environment makes war unfun for the 10-14 others on the team just wanting to win.

    Finally for the solution to “fix” the ps issue is interesting. We will see how this interacts with if when

    A) a ps comes out of ko. If atked by someone above 20% does that mean you can ako a ps as you lower their spy % with atks now?

    B) if a is true then some leaked akoes are unavoidable as if you won a “lucky” steal on someone while skoing and now have gold out rip that ako. Or you got a ko and skoed you have unbankable gold so what happens there?

    Is the ps losing spy % in wars only or also normally? Ty
  10. Have a war mod in war's to referee and to monitor all builds not just PS
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  11. I support people quit complaining and give critical feedback to the devs. War some, then judge it.

    Otherwise, thanks for taking the time to find a possible solution for us ✌🏼 Something needs to be done about this toxic community
  12. A new kind of stupid. Awesome! open up my call in the first thing I see is forums on my screen. Thank you, no thank you. :)
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  13. Kaw**
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  14. Thank you, very good change but I think even more needs to be done to stop the scouting pure spies. They were about 5/10 on the last war event leaderboard, and probably deserve shattered sword.
  15. Does this ps ‘fix’ applies to wars only, or is this an all around build mechanics change?
  16. Noob question but what does AFK stand for?
  17. Away from keyboard, basically means you aren’t present
  18. In light of my previous comment, I’m not complaining, these changes are a step in the right direction. The losing team receiving less tokens when losing makes total sense and i support it but I don’t see it as a way to ‘punish’ those who get actions and go afk. Players can still get actions and go afk without a getting a shattered sword.
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  19. I like all these changes so far... except the ps fix.

    I already can see a it being abused potentially. If a ps becomes dtw, are they able to ko people from low and remain dtw while making gold? If so this isn't a fix.. just another issue that is being created.
  20. Crazy idiot I never throw any war because I didn’t like someone. I hate everyone in KAW including you. I wouldn’t have gold EE if I throw anywar. Butthurt idiot always blame others. Autoclickers like should be punished for 1 year sword. Also multi caster like should be punished. Your opinion means nothing when you and your group is a main source why this game is broken. Blaming me for nothing. I’m the most honest player in this game. I cheated no one and never use any cheats in this game. I suck in war because I’m slow but it’s just how it is being an honest player.