War type to replace lowland

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  1. Hi

    So devs need to replace lowland wars, participation is laughable, this is my idea for a replacement (TLDR at the end);

    I call it... Individual frontier wars!

    The main stuff
    - 30v30
    - Lowland up to Abyss lands work, other lands do not in this war type.
    - BFE/Charms/Furn off
    - BFA off
    - Individual war, not clan based like lowland.
    - 1 xtal

    The NEW stuff
    Now, when you do an indi war. Its two teams, they can hit everyone on the opposing team, team with highest plunder wins. Frontier wars will be fought on 3 fronts. Call them Front A, B and C.
    To win a frontier war the team that scores the highest plunder at 2 or more frontiers will win.

    New mechanics to make the war possible
    - There will be 3 "Fronts" or sub wars going on rather than 1 war.
    - Each front can hold up to 30 (The entire team can join one front leaving the other 2 deserted if they want)
    - Each player has to assign themselves to one front by 10 minutes prior to the war starting, if not chosen before then, you will be assigned to a frontier at random.
    - At the 10min mark before war starts, each team becomes aware of the number of enemies at each front but not who is at each front.
    - The moment the war begins, the players on each front for both sides become visible.
    - Frontier 'A' kingdoms can only attack Frontier 'A' kingdoms on the opposing team. They cannot attack kingdoms in the other two Frontiers (B and C).
    - KO's from different frontiers will clearly be labelled or colour coded. Also the names of each player will clearly show which frontier they are fighting in to avoid confusion.

    Additional changes for players during the war
    - Each players begins the war at the front they chose, the war at each front will be identical to how wars work now, however each player has the opportunity to switch to another and leave the current front, once during the war.
    - Upon using your "Switch" you gain full troops and spies. This doesn't count as your xtal, essentially giving players a chance to instantly regen full twice during a war, this also encourages players to switch and not turtle at one frontier.

    Now for the cool part
    - When all the kingdoms in a frontier are in KO or completely absent, a targetable NPC with no defensive stats becomes available to the opposing team facing this frontier, this NPC pays triple the gold than attacking players would yield and is therefore a very essential objective in winning a frontier, especially in later stages of the war.
    - KOing, Skoing all work the same.
    - If a player earns plunder at Frontier A then switches to Frontier B and gets koed, the opposing team cannot take the plunder he/she earnt at Frontier A, upon switching the plunder made is deposited and the players plunder appears as 0 after switching to Frontier B.
    - So if your team decides to abandon a frontier, it becomes open for the enemy to build their plunder lead on very quickly if they wish to.

    Why is this the best option for a new war type?
    Ever been in an indi with an inactive? Do you just wish that ps1 would wake up and stop getting akoed on repin? Thats FINE! Abandon the frontier with the inactive and take control of the other two, obviously you are still at a disadvantage but not as much as you would be in normal wars. It gives players more of a chance to win a war when you have an inactive.

    One obvious overpowered strategy would be to go a turtle build with towers and just sit there tanking incoming as the enemy fails all over you to prevent the enemy from reaching the NPC and plundering. To prevent this from happening, either a max adt/sdt limit can be introduced which prevents you from casting if over the limit or the bonus plunder from the NPC is lowered to compensate for players going ridiculous builds to stop the opposing team reaching it.

    The aim of this type of war is to introduce more ways of winning wars and more strategy to them whilst reducing the effect inactive players and trolls have on the outcome of a war. The fact it only uses lands up to abyss and completely disregards BFA/BFE may tilt some players but having to work as a team rather than rely on your one stacked friend to win a war is much more enjoyable in my opinion. The only way to make people work as a team is to bring everyone down or up to the same level of strength so that each player has the potential to contribute an equal amount to winning a war.

    Lowland wars had this goal in mind but the effort needed to organise wars combined with the fairly low level of strategy available due to the small build pool, has lead to its death.

    No tldr go and read the post u lazy ape


    Edit: To prevent the wars from being turtle favoured, an all around 10% boost to offensive stats would encourage people to use riskier builds that allow for faster paced wars rather than a turtle/skimming war for an hour.
  2. Sounds pretty neat actually. Support
  3. this is way too complicated, and youre talking about adding a bunch of features to the game, like this whole frontier thing, and switching “frontiers”.

    also its pvp not player vs npc

    i dont really like this sorry. id rather keep it simple
  4. I agree lowland war which is the only fair type is dead, I guess we killed all the good clans so it's time to move on :(
  5. No support sorry. Don’t think LL should be removed but maybe add a new type of war in the rotation
  6. this is a new type of war
  7. I'd like new wars format. But i am not fond of this idea. I like LL wars because they allow for manipulating the build at low cost. Trying to change build up to abyss is gonna run pricey. Secondly 30 ppl x3 fronts is 90 accounts playing. I honestly doubt there will be that many participants. What happens when there is not enough players for 3 fronts? War cancelled?

    Anyways my own suggestion for war is to be able to attack ur own team. Can pin an inactive or find other ways for strategy.