War tournament proposal: no Ps builds

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  1. Hey all its Grave again with a short potential war abuse fix.

    My idea is too simply change the code of WOC during war tournaments that prevents users from joining without having atleast 1 attack building, and maintain that buidlings cant be destroyed once woc is cast.

    The current system only punishes(proven) abuse this would a big step towards prevention.

    One or two alternate accounts cannot turn the tide of war as at worst it would be similar to having an inactive.

    The downside is that it would force competent PS players too turn hansel , but with so many lands they are far and few between now.

    Overall I think its better to ban PS builds from War tournaments , time and time again it has proven more of a hassel to have them than not, they just aren't designed well for competitive warring, nobody wants too see them on their teams.

    Please tell me what you think, the Devs surely want more than just my opinion.

    Tl;Dr if you actually need it: no purespy builds in tournament wars
  2. Shows your inexperience bud. PS are vital in war. Able to ass down big targets as well as zs enemies for ako. Only thing bad about PS.. is if they can’t bank fast if they ko someone or a PS like “Skylers” or “Their 4 plundered” or “devil academy” they just open up

  3. I used too war daily before your account existed , but yeah that 1 lowland attack building is going too ruin a Ps's spy attack, leave some straw for others too grab please
  4. The risk VS. Reward is exponentially bad , 163k cs spy attack decrease , for (from my experience) a 25-33% chance of a single account costing you a war.
  7. While PS are undoubtedly vital in wars, the risk of PS intentionally opening is far higher in these wars than regular wars. The seasonal war tournaments are the only wars lots of people actually partake in, so higher chance of an alt ps casting, leaking, and ruining the fun for their clan
  8. Hansels can control oppo side just as easily as a PS can lmao plus they don’t have to worry about banning after a ko.
  9. Nerfing PS’s has been a complaint for years. Bad enough it’s an eb advantage they go as a PS1 and in war the imbalanced rosters occur in EE. Roster sizes are more the issue imo for EE but large rosters in Season Wars for PS is and has been a part of warring for a long time.

    Being rid of them is not the solution

    In wars i’ve a few suggestions:

    1st get rid of WC in our chat. Close WC during wars both ways.

    2nd close PM to the outside and be only be inhouse. This won’t stop alts posting to ops as moles but might help to ferret them out if ATA gets serious.

    3rd up is change colours back to red and green with the brighter and lighter also back.

    4th turn CA back on

    5th use cc for notice if an ally is bought during war

    Maybe not all agree or some ideas won’t fly but they are suggestions none the less.
  10. Like your build is any better 
  11. PS is really the worst build on tournament. Even if 1 side have 2 quadrillion ahead. That can be easily catch up when the other side open a PS. Tournament roster is 50 vs 50 and up. After PS open you you only need 25 attack build to catch up 2 quadrillion easily in 1 minute.
  12. I agree, PS should be stopped from casting and players should evolve with the times of kaw.

    Also yes Hansel is leaky. Build towers. You will not lose a war cause of Hansel leaking mostly. You will with a PS.

    I have been a PS from day one of this build right up till FS lands opened.
  13. The problem is not the ps build it is those that forget to hide allies. A better peoposal would be make allies not hirable in wars.
  14. The issue is not PS getting strip. Any ps want to serious war if get strip can bank and limit loses. The issue when it’s a planted PS. When get strip will not bank because the ps purpose to be strip and already log off and will not bank. The second issue that there is a way to find hidden allies this days. The same system from other game which to find out when your shield drop to the minute. ATA not considering this issue which costing them money and time after the war with angry players clogging the support system.