War thread! Anything regarding war ideas and features

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Dave, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Better rewards just mean more event hunters to sell stuff, majority still lack the ability to listen, that’s the biggest issue in war which is such a simple ask
  2. Agree with most of this

    Wc/tracker spell could potentially be abused (ppl casting for rewards with no intention of taking the responsibility) and would need some tweaking

    I haven't warred in a few months now due to war slot time conflicts but aren't the ko's still red/green? Bright green for ko, darker green for oppo sko, bright red for teammate ko, and dark red for teammate sko?
  3. Droid is still has different colors, iOS hasn't for a while.
  4. Old school sundays. Classic, old school 25-29 clan based war. Rotate it weekly between primal, kna and indy. Would be nice to rotate in advantage and random ko as well. Sure people will stack and cheat, but once a week to war with my friends may keep me from quitting soon.
  5. Android keep scrolling up :/ it should stay where it it stop like iphone, specially when sweeping cr rank :/ or wr
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  6. They wont bring back clan lowland wars because they know I'll just win any I participate in nuff said :(