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  1. This is a low effort thread to Allow the community to Express their Ideas for improvements for War.

    Anything War related please feel free to Post.

    Mods can edit this post if they wish. This is an open forum and any ideas gathered on this thread will be posted to the Devs directly when We have meetings.

    Please keep it clean and on topic
  2. Support that if 75% of players in a team report someone in war they should get a ban the rest of the event, 75% because the team might have inactives including the person being reported but if majority vote then a more severe penalty than 1-3 days, helps improve the warring experience for others instead of leaking and action hunters refusing to try

    We want 1 clan sign up a day out of 4, a chance to pick your team again, no inactives for sure, it’s the people who lack the ability to listen that ruined clan sign ups by complaining they couldn’t get into good clans when they refused to listen or learn how to war

    It’s a small change with a big difference, by that more people see war recruiting on wc and might be more tempted to war

    Even if we don’t get admins again we want to be in some what kind of control for who we get placed in a team with, we are fed up of kos getting scouts or drag queen warring double or bigdog leaking every war, people refusing to listen then complaining we lose, it’s simple, but not for those who lack the ability to listen in a strategy
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  3. I was expecting more from you when you mentioned it on wc.

    I just do wars for EE.

    BFA and Charms war don't suit me well.
    Since not that active on war, but when I do like once in a few days that too LL, inactive or Mia players are an issue for me.
    There are certain players who chase LB and give there best in wars but on the other hand there are some who without putting an effort that is just,d 60 actions and sleeping also make it into LB easily.
    So my only suggestion is to just make System war rules same as that of Winter war, that is only main cast and maybe set some activity timer or something, so in future players that put there efforts in war just don't get dupped because of few who just cast for free seals or reward from LB tier. Giving out rewards based on activity will be helpful.😜
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  4. I'm providing the platform mate. I'll post my ideas in the section the same as you.
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  5. I support rewards based on activity too, there has been many times I have been wc and not even scraped max items due to having to dive but still give my 100% effort just for ps to get their actions? Nahh that shouldn’t be how it works
  6. I support his thread
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  7. Great but supporting this could use some input tho.
  8. First time adding to the forums and still pretty new to the game. So, sorry if this has already been discussed about. The best event I find the most enjoyment is, the bloody crown event. Just because it is pretty much a FFA and anything goes. But, the awards aren’t so great. (So I think) I just wish they add a little more to the awards, to encourage players to join in these PvP events. It just doesn’t seem like it’s worth joining sometimes. I may be wrong, but that’s what I think as a new player.
  9. I know it probably wouldn’t happen but we have spells right? What about a mechanic spell that is war only?

    One’s Sacrifice

    When the spell is used it is used from troops pot menu or spy pot menu. When the spell is used against an opponent, it depletes the players troops or spies against the opponent it was used upon. Like a tommy gun effect of attacking or assassinating.

    this doesn’t mean you win every action kingdom strength and troop count still prevails.
    This would give players to try to counter xtals, go for last minute hits and even just drain opponent troop or spies.

    just cause you may have 100% troops if your opponent has only 50% let’s say the spell will not use 100% of your troops the troop mechanic standard still exists so use it wisely or waste it.

    these spells are dropped randomly from wars on win or loss side and only one per player can be used during a single war.

    this was just a thought wars seem pretty good for the exception of inactives at times so criticize away if this just god awful bad lol

  10. Hmmm thinking outside the box bro. Perhaps a separate system and a beta test war could be fun. It's so outrageous it's quite plausible. I'll be picking up the idea and submitting to devs. Thank for posting TG.

  11. This is 100% ffa anything that's war. The idea is to bring all suggestions into one so if it's been said before then its valid still. Thanks for your post
  12. A month ban for action hunters. If many players report the same person over and over again there must be a reason.

    Random matchups are unfair sometimes and unbalanced.

    Last but not least, some people leak on purpose because they don't like a clan member, so it is better if people choose their clanmates. Clan signup is the perfect solution for that.
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  13. - Reinstate CA access - helps clear cc with targets
    - Bring back traditional red/green ko colours
    - WC/Tracker spell to be cast prewar and those who cast it be spread amongst clans with increased rewards given in a win or loss
    - Bring back clan LL , indi LL is pretty bad with people still casting bad builds and the team they get put on being at a disadvantage cause of it
    - bring back war eq similiar to the prismai collection where each event the top 10 war lb eb would be stronger than the eb top 10 .
    - War section on profile displaying W/L , plus prestige which would in turn help you qualify for seasonal or all Star Wars . No more top 10,000 signing up with no towers or having no clue how to war but signing up for a all star war just because u qualify
    - war history in clan should display all actions outgoing and received by each player this will easily reflect who actually followed and contribute as opposed to those who scouted for 60 and left.
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  14. Red and green KO like old.
    Crestplates dropped as war rewards (Winners only)

    See rewards after war just like eb history.
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  15. I recon war's should stick to 8vs8 or as low as 5vs5 the least amount of moles the better even 2vs2 or 1vs1 how cool would that be ATA needs to find theses bloody moles reuning wars
  16. I haven’t warred in recent years (cos of all the issues everyone is complaining about) but I did war a lot during very first Estoc trails and for several seasons after. That was fun to war with same ppl, develop strategies based on clannie’s builds and abilities and complete not only against rival teams but also against your clannies when it came to war actions, kos etc. Problems of moles or multiple alts or inactives or ppl who throw wars weren’t as big and were ultimately dependent on how good your clan was. Clan based system was far from perfect but they were fun! We had to earn our spots in good war clans and prove we deserved to stay there. I wish we’d go back to IMPROVED clan base wars
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  17. Bring back clan signups, all that needs to be said
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  19. All LL clan wars does is bring in a load of FFA/Alt clans, that would be a step back. The trick is to get participation up this could be by the following.
    1) Better rewards ,people seem to like furniture, charms or anything shiny with a stat bonus, maybe even bring back war equipment.
    2)An increase to EE level, maybe Gold II or Platinum the percentage bonus doesn’t have to be massive 5-10%.
    3)Rosters should be static at 15 I feel that with the 30 people rosters the gap in strength is to wide, let’s face it the dump on one is soul destroying especially when you sometimes get no reward for your trouble.
    4) Personally I’m not a fan of LL or the Indi/charm wars but if participation goes up I might be tempted.
  20. If people want to waste their time to cast for 150 tokens then bloody let them, waste of time since they dropped it from 300 already for a lose