war system is a joke

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  1. Look your match system is junk. Why do you even no match anybody anymore? The match ups you do make are never fair anyway whats the difference if you add in 3-4 more? You have killed the war system. People are sick and tired of no matching every single war. How can you be almost 2 weeks into season 3 and still rancor 2?... because you have had 8-10 no matches. People need to just say screw season 3 and pull out of wars. Hit them in their pocketbook. If nobody wars and nobody buys xtals for wars they will fix the matchup system. If you continue to accept their BS ....it will stay the same and probably get worse. Yes F me I'm a crybaby whiny noob I should go jump off a bridge and flush my head in a toilet i can see all the responses from idiots already.
  2. PvP is the way to go
  3. 1) yes you are a cry baby
    2) your cant even criticize devs on your main? Come on
  4. OP, u missed a few that u should also go n do
    1. jump off a bridge
    2. flush ur head in a toilet
    3. cry to ur mommy
    4. crawl back into the cave u came out from
    list goes on n on n on.....
  5. I agree the war matchup algorithm is ****. Even when a clan does all it can to "fit the mold" it gets horrible matches. We get the placating response from the devs "we wanted to release an update, but couldn't." ********. You've been focused on minor crap "improvements" that you're able to implement, but the most popular and lucrative aspect of kaw at the moment you sink few actual resources into and do little to nothing to change in over 12 weeks. How long does it take to "gather data?" I mean at least tweak your current sub-par algorithm. I thought ATA actually employed developers not hacks. Just my two cents. 
  6. I don't want an arraigned marriage...