War Stripping Debate

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  1. It's a war game really
  2. Wow, this is an old thread.

    Polyanna hasn't been on in ages, and I do remember his poll on this. Many of those other foxes have also retired.

    SirVic was neutral in the war despite being a fox. His account is also reset like Blumpy's

    Klzeek and maybe Blumpy were both still in iG if I remember properly.

    I was running WiG (I think based on my response on page 8 and DragonEmperor being active still below me)

    I don't remember Archados being around at that time at all. I have no idea which clan he was in. I didn't know most of the Hollow clan at the time though.

    Yea, the stripping was fun. Looks like I used to have a conscience too. Now if you run from me in war I still farm you. I don't care. Apparently I have been abombed too much to have sympathy.

    I did large quantities of chaos strips in this war. It was hella fun.

    Most of these players were t3 and not BC. Consider the strips in 100-500k so the multi bil strips were huge.
  3. Klzeek is still around occasionally :)
  4. Well honestly i didn't matter because i was banked with potions :D
  5. Its part of the game its fine
  6. Too bad money is so easy to come by now that EBs are around. Who bumped this...?
  7. Yes i was stripped by VR1 and Spy Syndicate, fair play to em they did a good job and got rid of 190b. Yes i've stripped many players- loved it. Couldn't care less if its moral or not, its a war game
  8. I've stripped, been stripped, and I've liked it. It's not a nice thing to do but who joined Kingdoms at WAR to be nice?
  9. How did the person who made this thread get a name like that?
  10. It was Blumpy. The devs reset his account. That's what your name looks like once it's been removed by the Devs.
  11. Ive bn stripped of 300b before but i deserved it  . Thats what makes this game fun imo. Does suck to be stripped tho.
  12. @tex wrong. My name appears like that on several threads, has for over a year now, and occasionally changes with my name.
  13. Reading this thread was a little depressing. So many vets, having a real discussion, free of trolls/noobs/alts...just shows the nosedive forums have taken lately.
  14. Lately? Since the opening of '11...
  15. Bump

    Go stripping yeah
  16. I've been stripped so many times. It's a horrible feeling. Now I am volleying an alt to a ridiculous price so I can reset it the next time I am stripped. So at least the stripper loses that much in gold.
  17. /\ remind me never to strip u 0.0
  18. Not like I could tho