War Stripping Debate

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  1. Stripping makes the game not fun (for me) and I wanted to make it more fun. That's why I made this thread. You are mistaken if you're thinking that I am comparing this to war in the real world.
  2. Striping can never be thought of as anything but an act of cowards. The attack only the weaker and in many case. the non combatents.An act of true terorists. That want to remove all honor from the game and turn kaw into there own Fu c k fest. Don't bring dishonor to yourself or your clan with this dispicable act. If we had war crimes trials. All that strip would be hung as criminals. Honor this game and say No to striping.
  3. Stripping is horrible, however at times it's the only way to truly hurt an adversary, I have not stripped , and will not! But it can be Useful against certain enemies to make them hurt
  4. Meh
    Just meh. Funny concept, but if i ever got to 2 billion +(highest i ever got to in one of my resets was 910 mil)then the idea of stripping would be frighting. I have never been stripped, but thats because im a player who either quests for money or goes around picking on a very small number of extreamly wealthy targets who don't belong to a clan.
  5. It is a problem if you kena hit constantly, and redeem rip u off 25% .
  6. War is a srategy. Nothing wrong
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  8. Ya know I think war stripping is imoral, let me finish! See now if a girl walked out onto the battlefield and started stripping IDE stop and watch! Now that let's my guard down and I get shot in the head... That girl is hot and should stop war stripping she could kill more people'
  9. Obvious Troll is Obvious ;)

    On a more serious note, as I stated earlier in another war stripping thread in more detail, banking in allies when you know or suspect you will be at war before you 'want' to sell them means you know the risk, are taking it anyway in hopes that A) the stats will let you hit higher payout people and help pin targets in war, and B) you expect to recoup the cost in plunder bonus gained over time from the ally. You WILL lose any allies you buy, even 0/0/0/0 ones at high costs will still be bought for the plunder bonus that the buyer hopes themselves won't be bought for some time and thus more than pay for itself. As said above, if you really expect to war or fear war falling upon you, BANK IN POTIONS! 75% return is much better than 0%. Not only that, but at war the potions can be used and will be to pin the opposing side through thier towers etc. Having a ready stockpile so you arnt caught off guard is Beneficial!

    For pure troops who 'need' large allies to make money, you still have the option to buy potions to hit larger targets at enourmous rewards, quest(with quest mastery it's even more lucrative) , or even take the risk and try to get as much as you can with the bonus(like most people who fast grow here do and complain when the consequences hit them) . Better yet, the develeopers have said themselves that MIXED builds do best in wars. Use spies to bank in potions as a hard bank and troops to bank in allies till max plunder for a soft bank(or vise-versa). That way you can play the game the way it's meant to and have the benefit of both systems....spies also help defend against stripping(to an extent) and buy you more time to secure your allies money in items before they can strip it from you. Win Win.

    Recap:Go Mixed, Bank in potions, Mixed Bank for versatility. Your choice. Stripping Happens. Be prepared.
  10. Stripping is only acceptable in war
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