War Stripping Debate

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  1. So the way the money system works here, warfare is absolutely pointless without use of multi-day pinning or some form of stripping. I have tried to politely attack before in response to things like farming, whatever, and it serves as no deterrent whatsoever.
    The only way to deter players at all is to somehow waste their time. This can be done through stripping them or multi-day pinning, both tactics are extreme I admit, but If you don't believe me, try being a spybuild for once and just see the tactics you need to resort to to get rid of a farmer. The 5 attacks a day response does not discourage them at all in their farming.

    And the spybuilds who do farm, which are many, usually get away with it, because spy pots are not strong enough in this game. The ones who get caught well again, stripping is not possible, so they need to be pinned multiple days to get them to stop. Both tactics are equivalent in my mind- the only way to hurt/discipline someone in KaW is to waste their time.
  2. Maybe cap stripping at, say, 1/4 bil every 24 hrs player is offline. I disagree with losing everything u built for months, and especially if that destroys the game for u. Also looks bad to new people joinig kaw.

    I think it's an important lesson to see that if u give the bomb to ppl, there are ppl who will press the button. Same as in real life. Sadly so much the same.
  3. I have been successfully stripped 2x and attempted to be stripped 3x more.

    If you want rules in a war then declare them. So 'no stripping' means no. Pretty simple.

    That being said I stripped out 6 people alone and left them on our target boards to keep pinned. I did so because they had each pinned other players for longer than 48hrs or had a long term abusive lip policy on weaker players.

    I see builds change at huge cost because of this tactic. My clan typicly leaves the target afterwards.

    The last time I was stripped by Fox (good work btw) I was pinned for 1 week afterwards. I had to sell my most expensive building to get towers and allies because chaos and voodoo would not allow me even 1 ally. In fairness I didn't see the point in allowing those 2 clans (and 2 subclans) to constantly make plunder off my carcass. It might have made just a bit more sense if they had done the work, but the 3 voodoo buyouts attempted on me I was awake for and stopped.

    If you want terms in your war declare terms. If you want a victory condition or an end time declare that too.

    If not then it's all fair game. I will strip you out and pin you until you no longer have a clan name.

    Appologies for the 1 person who we hit after he left his clan. We are very sorry, and did not mean to cause distress. We corrected the situation.
  4. I got stripped and I was gettin 2.5m a hit ever since I got stripped my ally bonus has never been the same since then I have gotten stripped 3 times more
  5. I got stripped once. Luckily I was newish and my allies sucked. I only lost about 1bil in allies. Now I also have a crap load of attack pots as my savings plan so when the war ended I cashed out ny savings and bought new allies.

    I think stripping is immoral, evil and just plain low. That being said it's a strategy and a war game so ehhh if your that desperate to win then whatever.

    I partially stripped one guy and I felt horrible for it.
  6. BOOBIES 
  7. Yeah I wa stripped once, was it fun? Nope, not at all.. But not so much for the fact that I lost close to 20 bil in allies and pots, the reason is as follows...
    I awoke one morning to zero gold, zero allies and zero spy pots, my crime? Being in the "wrong" guild.
    Actually, as it was initially put to me by a leaderboard player, "this is your guilds fault, we told them we would do this and they said go for it." needless to say it turned out to not quite be a true portrayal of the events.
    I had never participated in a stripping, sure.. I had been an active member of my clan, and occaisionally unleashed as retaliation for attacky on my clanmates. But I never once participated in a stripping. So why was I stripped? Plain and simple, the people who were in my guild that HAD participated in stripping, were too powerful for our opposition to strip.
    I believe it is the most gutless act in this game.. And the people who pourposely Strip lower players are a bunch of cowards. It's akin to if you were 26, and you were attacked by a bunch of 26 year olds, you.. Being too scared to hit them back.. Go and find their 8 year old sister and repeatedly punch her in the face while she is asleep. It's gutless, cowardly and pathetic...
    Now.. A little "first time" broadcast for you.. I didn't leave IG because I was stripped, I left IG because it would be hypocritical of me to stay whilst they participate in stripping themselves.
    Those of you who are stripping, should expect to be stripped in return.. But leave the innocent players out of it.
  8. I have been stripped. I was pissed off and discouraged but I do think stripping belongs in KaW. Strategically it is a very effective war tool, and this is Kingdoms at WAR. I don't think it's an honorable way of fighting and stripping should be considered by all to be a dirty underhanded move. It should be a bargaining chip when discussing the terms of how a war is fought. But stripping belongs just like farmers belong. Because it is ying to the yang. It adds another threat or obstacle. Whereever there are bad guys - there must be good guys too.
  9. Take it from a war vet there are rules to war. Google army roe if u don't trust me
  10. So u would follow the geneva convention to the fullest mr army vet? Because some of those rules are ridiculous
  11. No out date but I will an roe
  12. Bank in land, bank in buildings, bank in attack potions, but the way KaW works allies are not a bank. It seems simple to me. Risk v. reward. You just gotta bank your gains ASAP.
  13. Ty blumpy for this awesome discussion. i have been in a few discussions about stripping, aswell with members of ig ( myself being a fox). this game is about having fun and this way it should stay.
  14. I'm not exactly active in these forums but I do tend to read them and after I read this one I felt that there were a few things that just needed to be said. So here goes...for those of you ( mostly in the first few pages) who were comparing a game to real life and saying that war is necessary I say to you GROW UP. Until you know people in a real war,or in this day a Peace Keeping Mission or go there youself you are just bystanders to your countries propaganda. So shut up. If you have not known someone who has died from a car bomb or from friendly fire or enemy fire. Shut up. War happens because people are greedy and they want more and more and more and they are willing to let others die because they are " stronger" and more convincing than the other guy. War is not right. It will never be right. This is a game, dont compare it to real life. Enough said.

    As for this game war is part of it and if you don't like it don't be in a clan. For those of you who do not know what an "ROE" is, it stands for rules of engagement. The easiest solution to the stripping problem is to set up the roe's in advance of the war. Have the 2 clan leaders decide what they want and how they want to play. Make the rules and the punishments in advance so if someone doesn't follow the agreed upon terms there is a set " fine" for it. For example say it is decided there will be no stripping but some decide to say f-it and do it anyway. Kick them from the clan and have both sides have a free for all against these players. If they are dedicated players they will never buck the rules again and if they quit because they are pu$$ies KAW is better without them.
    Sorry this took so long but I was a little bit pissed at how naive and ignorant some people can be. Now if there is anyone who disagrees with my point of view on war, that okay, there Is no law against stupidity.
  15. So if anyone disagrees with your OPINION on war, they're stupid? You take the time to write SEVERAL PARAGRAPHS to tell everyone else who posted to shut up and that they take this game too seriously? I think you should look up "irony" and "hypocracy" and continue not posting in the forums. There are already enough trolls here.
  16. Ihave 8 good friends in afganistan right now and I have 6 friends who are going over on the next tour and I know other who made it safely home. But they all have a level of PTSD which affects every ounce of their lives. I'm lucky so far that no one im close to has died but it's just a matter of time. So no I do not endorse war.
    This game is just that, a game. Have fun with it. Just don't compare it to real life.
  17. Ihave 8 good friends in afganistan right now and I have 6 friends who are going over on the next tour and I know other who made it safely home. But they all have a level of PTSD which affects every ounce of their lives. I'm lucky so far that no one im close to has died but it's just a matter of time. So no I do not endorse war.
    This game is just that, a game. Have fun with it. Just don't compare it to real life.
  18. I don't know why that posted twice. Sorry