War Stripping Debate

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  1. Actually attack build has better advantage. But more are spies simply because it's a bigger challenge
  2. Spies, a challenge? Lv3 Guild= 75m. Lv3 Subterranian factory= 1330m. What's harder to build up? XD and besides, spies have no risk of getting hit by buyouts.
  3. 1. never been stripped as I'm a spy
    2. yes. avenging clanmates who were stripped while they slept. I have not felt bad, as those who I've assisted in stripping ha no problem doing it to others.

    Regarding the matter of wheather it should be used in war, I think if the goal is to Win the war, then what better way than completely eliminating an apponent. if Their gold is gone they no longer have the ability to strip you or anyone else. gold is the name of the game, and if we all just sat back and farmed within our clans, what would the point of the game be? gold is power... take away their gold, and take their power. once a player has LC and gone t3, gold and allies are the only differing factor... <\rant>

    sorry. lost my train of thought. all that said though. unprovoked stripping of someone who's not active in a war is pretty effed up

    I think it's a solid tactic.
  4. So you think all war rules should be thrown away? In the real world, there are regulations on attacks. For example, in World War I, ships had to warn eachother before firing. Unrestricted submarine warfare was not allowed for the Germans. It's similar to the 5 hit rule.

    For me, this is a battle between being honorable and being smart. Cleaning out another's account is tactically a good move. It can take out a key kingdom from the war for days. Yet, you ARE, after all, destroying someone's hard work.

    And thanks for all the foxes and chaos posts :D I usually only get the IG perspective of things and it is good to experience things from a different angle. Does anyone know who started this "atomic bomb"?
  5. Man so many directions to take with this topic. Being a target of a strip raid i can tell u it does suck but i started with 0 allies so I can work my way back up. To start all this war has been is immoral. It's made people farmers and that's what most this war was about was to stop farmers. When u slap the war stamp on it then it's not farming. Like slapping in the name of religion on a war and it makes it right. Basically hypocracies but it's how wars are. And u can't say 'well I wasn't in the war'. If u r part of one of the clans that are in the war then u are in the war. Subject to anything that can happen. If u don't want to b a part of the war then leave ur alliance because ur hands r soaked with blood too. Especially spies. In true spy fasion u try to dodge the proverbial bullet by saying ur not in the war but in some way u have assisted. Whether it was to make the free money from a stripped opponent or being a farm to nurture young pups to b strong enuf for the battles ahead. Now as for people trying to get out of this style of fighting is funny. True it is immoral due to no true way of to defend oneself or for ur allies to stop it while it happens. Even if u had towers up u could still b taken down it would just take more people and more time. It may even take more than one raid but if the opponent is determined enough it can happen. I believe people r starting to wane from this method due to the fact they know they may b next so they r trying to draw a line to keep it from happening. IG will not stop until they have bullied everyone they can because in real life they r Pansy nerds who can't take action in real life
  6. The question "who started" wont bring us anywhere. Both sides will point fingers across... If a common sense could be found its better to look in the future than the past. Nevertheless a solution will be hard to find: where does "stripping" start? Buy off one ally and steal to zero or half of the allies or all of them? With a clan fight system working the "stripping tactic" would lose its primary objective imo, because battle resources could be used more efficiently. Maybe we need to push the devs a bit for the next update!
  7. @tyvanthum: this isn't a dissing thread. All your points were good, but make your own thread for the last sentence.

    @1ATE7: I was just interested in who came up with it. Also, I don't think the war system will help. If I was cunning and really liked to destroy my opponents, I would completely ignore the war button and just strip the opponents. It's not technically a win, but your opponent does feel loss.
  8. Ah yes my good friend blumpy!!!
  9. yea. there are always rules of war. there are also always those that will not follow these rules. if everyone followed their conscience the people without morals would always win. now that it has begun though, what are the chances that someone will want to be the last one stripped. someone(s) would hve to lay down and take it for the good of the community. what are the chances of that. :)
  10. Lol this is like At World's End
    "So are you suggesting we do not follow The Code?"

    Captain Teague unexpectedly and quickly pulls a string of the guitar, silencing the Council
  11. Many interesting views. It would be good to see a public opinion of those ig members who initiated the practice pre war. I agree with 1ate7 any solution lies in the future not the past (think I posted that on Swabia wall the other day).
    My purpose in asking ig members whether they supported stripping or not was 2 fold firstly to alert them that this was happening and secondly to find out who supported it. This was an attempt to avoid those who were against it.
    On reflection if a person is in a clan that knows their clan is stripping others they have a moral obligation to take action to stop the tactic if they are against it.
    I can see the benefit in the tactic and think if at war then it needs to be clearly understood the clan is at war unless individuals opt out in a public forum. Personally I would prefer the tactic stop and my intention is not to be involved in indiscriminate use in the future. Thank you to the many ig who entered into a wall debate with me prior to the thread and please post thoughts here. For those ig who could only respond with rudeness and taunts please post those in this forum also to enable others to comment.
  12. They all know who does it and that it's done. For them to say they don't then they are saying they are not as close knit as they say they are.
  13. This war by KHE's eyes...

    I have stood on the sideline, watching quietly while going for my 5th Land Complete.

    IG tried to strip me, even announced in WC I was open to steal (also a dispicable act in my eyes).

    I did not whine, instead, it got me motivated to return the favor. If the foxes that are not participating in the war are part of the war, then so is every IG.

    If you are part of the clan, then you believe in it's ideals and share the responsibilty.

    Many reasons have already been posted here. Those responsible are cowards hiding behind a pure spy build with nothing to lose and even continues to talk  on WC.

    So if they can't pay for their crimes and their clans won't make them pay fo crimes, then th whole clan can pay for it.
  14. I agree with KHE
  15. I have seen so far:

    Foxes are completely against it despite the tactical gains. They are purely doing it for revenge.

    Chaos thinks it is a necessary evil.

    IG seems against it individually, despite the fact that everyone else believes that IG as a whole enjoys it.

    @1ATE7 and Pollyanna:

    The fact is that no matter how much you change the game, cleaning out another account will always be possible and tactically sound. It is a matter of suppressing your emotions to do it.
  16. This is a GAME
  17. Funny, fox is so against the practice, the first time I'd ever come across the practice, first time I'd ever even heard of the idea was when the fox clan stripped me.
  18. If you're not aware of what you're clan has been doing, why are you in it?

    If you say you're not the bad guy why are you in a "terrorist" clan?

    That's like Al queda saying "don't blame us, that was all Bin Ladin"
  19. I haven't been playing this game long enough to say where the tactic was administered first, but it is an excellent question. As blumpy pointed out in the beginning this a debate, so whoever started the first strip is irrelevant.

    Have I ever been stripped, I do not believe so. I may have played a role in a stripping when someone posts in war chat that so and so is open for free money. I do recall doing that. Until about three days ago, I had not really thought about it too much.

    Then a clan member and friend who I like and cannot for the life of me understand, OneBuLL got stripped. He had reached land complete and was working his way up. That is when it hit home how much it sucks.

    Is it moral? In my mind morality depends on so many factors. The only things that are blatently immoral are those crimes against humanity. Creepy people who prey on kids and murderers, the list goes on. But in a game that is supposed to be fun and has such expansive potential for a text based program, stripping is not moral.

    I think of a player on the opposing side for an example. I have had exatensively convorsations with him. He is young and enjoys this game immensely. He has made friends in a lot of clans and has done quite well for himself. He even helped me volley a clan mate of Voodoo cause he likes to help. Cause of him an more than a few other ig I started this war hating and loathing a clan cause of a few members and their vicious tactics and am going to end it feeling about ig as I do about voodoo. The other day I heard he got stripped.

    I was shocked, who could have done such a thing to a funny kid like cowlegend999? Hopefully not someone he knew, cause that would have made it even more vile. Then it happened to voodoo and it hit home…this sucks.

    I think as many have mentioned once the war edition is released this game will once more become a whole new game, but I for one do not want to wake up one morning and look at my profile to see nothing, but a few thanks on my wall. And I'm not a kid, but it still sucks.

    Who would want it?
  20. Well I have been striped 2x. Although I hate it. It is a useful tactic. There r no rules in war. U do what needs to b done to win & u protect ur clan. Either way u look at it what's done is done. & if ppl don't want to b striped then don't go to war or set terms prior to war. Otherwise don't complain because I'm sure all have joined in on a cleanout of another clan