War Stripping Debate

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  1. I find war necessary when you have something you believe in or if you have people to protect.

    Let's get some more foxes on here.
  2. It's ok, last time the foxes tried to strip me... I lost 25% banking in pots... And almost a bill worth of spy pots T.T
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  8. If war was not profitable...
    Then no one would go to war...
  9. Oh for a second there I thought you ment stripper war..... Witch reminds me of a call I did at a strip club thanks for the idea for my thread blumpy I knew I could count on you
  10. Oh for a second there I thought you ment stripper war..... Witch reminds me of a call I did at a strip club thanks for the idea for my thread blumpy I knew I could count on you
  11. :D glad I could help.
  12. Excellent topic! Nicely presented and fun to read.

    I haven't participated in stripping or been stripped (in KaW). So not sure my opinion matters much, but here it is:

    It's not the most moral thing but I think that all is fair in war.... there aren't a lot of options in this game.

    This helps make it interesting and fun and torturous all at the same time. 
  13. Have I been stripped.. Yes
    What were my losses... Well over 10 bil
    Do I feel it's moral... No

    As was mentioned, without ally plunder it takes forever to make that much back. It's been a week and I am still a few billion away and I'm extremely active.

    Even though I don't agree with the tactic because the player is asleep and has no way to defend themselves, I still refuse to reciprocate. Having said that, I give a lot of respect to those who did strip me because when I (we) refused to use the same tactic, they showed sincere regret and even offered to compensate me.

    Those same people stripped much weaker clan members who were devastated and again with much respect, they more than compensated for their actions.

    These individuals know who they are and I can't stress enough how truly honorable they ended up being!!! Hats off to you guys 

    This is a game, meant for enjoyment of all. If someone needs to destroy another player's enjoyment just to feel good about themselves, I can't possibly comprehend what type of person they are in real life.

    Just my nickle 
  14.  he a hypocrite enough said lol short and sweet 
  15. No hating on this thread ;)
  16. Are you aware that there is a way to protect oneself against being stripped?

    There are several builts to counter certain stuff - with a cost drawback of course.

    So those who are hurt most - are only so because they pursue aggressive growth and neglect a certain weakness in their kingdom.

  17. War is mostly imoral. But we can't use many of the same tactics here because this a game. Do we condem the sniper or the launch crew in the Nuke sub. No that's there job. Men used to stand sholder to sholder and fire at point blank range was this moral. It was the norm. I stoped an attempt at strip farming me only because I happen to log on it wasn't well organized or they would have hurt me. I beleive in Honor/Respect for your freinds aswell as your foe. Most of us play with honor/respect. But in a real war I'd do what was ness. To win and save lives of my allies. Nuf said.
  18. Have I been stripped : no. 
    Have I participated in stripping someone : yes. 
    Is it moral? No. 
    This is my first war and who knew it would involve so many clans! During this time I've learned a great deal about tactics. The most distasteful is what this thread is about. 
    Granted this is a war game and to grow your kingdom you have to fight. But to destroy someone's months long endeavour? For what? Ideology?
    REAL wars have been fought for less but this is a GAME. Created for enjoyment. Where's the enjoyment in waking up to find your passtime completely obliterated?
    What kind of enjoyment would you get in doing that to another GAMER? 
    For my part, I did participate in stripping someone in retaliation for a clanmate who was stripped by that same person. But I can't imagine the cruelty it takes to be the first to concieve and initiate the attack against a non-aggressor.  
    My clanmates whom I have had the priviledge to get to know a little, even my enemies(some) are good and decent people. I can't see them getting any enjoyment from this practice any more than I.
    I understand there are arguements for this practice. "all's fair in war". Yes, maybe, IN REAL WARS. There are also defenses against this but they limit your growth as a kingdom. How is that fun?
    I think that due to this tactic everyone is now in fear that they'll come back to a burned out kingdom. That's not fun  for me nor I expect, anyone else.
    Let's make KaW fun again and discontinue this cruel and foul practice. 
    Galan_Dracos proud Fox member   
  19. @TZ. Could u explain how to protect against stripping? Thanks! I don't think it's nice but I guess in war there's no rules.