War Stripping Debate

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  1. I love comparing posts about strips from now to from then - we're much more, "Well, it's your own fault for being in the clan". Goes to show just how standard stripping is now.
  2. I think there are defenitely two sides to stripping. If the recipient is an overall touche with a D, then yeah probably deserves it. If the recipient is at war, then by all means strip. If the recipient is new to kaw and wants to grow and do good in this game, then things take a turn for the worse. Remember the limits to the strip.
  3. Touché, sorry for the lack of accent.
  4. If somebody takes all the fake money from my pretend kingdom ill just tell my make believe armies go get me more.
    The point...this is not real. It is a war game on a phone. Its no more succeptible to moral debate than capturing an opponents pawn.
    As for "destroying all my hard work"...I work for a living. This isn't work. I know what work is
  5. This deserves best of for reminding people when strips were first started
  6. I am so funny it's unbearable
  7. I was target of a failed strip attempt by Zaft Faith a short while back. My crime against them was 1(one) BL hit. I received over 800 inc in 3 days. I logged on as 50b ally bought and I banked in BB's. I believe I won! N
  8. I can't tell if this is a troll thread of if op is serious...
  9. There better not be a lock on this. Historic threads belong in best of.
  10. I'm pretty sure the saying All's Fair In Love And War comes into play here
  11. Didn't notice at first, but this was made in 2010, so i'm only certain op is serious.
  12. @ yoda achilles ceb (sorry if i messed up on name)
  13. To strip an ignorant trash talking player No I would not feel bad but its unfair when others are caught in the cross fire or when a big stated players ego goes to far.… i do not support bullieing or offensive players everyone deserves benifet of the doubt.
  14. I have been stripped. It sucked. I got stripped of 25 bil.. I was heartbroken. But I recovered