War Stripping Debate

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  1. Because spy def towers weren't worth the cost back then like they are now. 12 bil was a lot of gold in 2010.
  2. I'm waiting for someone to say something like..
    'Wow 12B and you're already crying???? What a noob. That's like one unload??? I've been stripped lots more. Go play with dolls!'
  3. It's very interesting how money on this game has inflated through the years. Back in '10 100b was impossible. Now 100b is chump change.
  4. For a sake of time capsuling info, 12 bil back then, to me, is worth around 200-300bil now (perhaps more). Correct me if Im wrong with these numbers but I truly feel the inflation is or has been that bad  or even worse...
  5. To be honest back then 12 bill may even equate to more...think how easy it is to gain 500 bill now if active/earning a lot more from allies than back then etc etc ....now a trill strip may hurt but it's not the end of the world ..

    hell 2010 was when i started this game (different account before thats pointed out) and LC lowlands was an effort in itself.
  6. Lol I remember this. I got stripped of 40b = LB material. 
  7. Sounds terrible 

    Who would do such things?
  8. Just bank the amount of allies you need in attack pots or bronze bars. Problem solved.
  9. Did you even check when this was made?
  10. I love old threads. And 12 bil was a bc ally back then plus a few bil left over. So that equates to a hell of a lot today in the range of 250-500 bil. Not to mention you worked your ass off for 12 bil.
  11. War is war if the reasons are justifiable then it's just part of the game. Issues arise when jerks do it for fun or just to prove they can.
    Woo hoo you stripped an account while they slept. Impressive Erm not.
    If rather go at it for hours days weeks months or however long until you either respect each other or part ways amicably.
    When having to war other accounts I always give a reasonable exit plan to them. I don't like the thought of destroying someone's effort over nothing.
    However having seen people stripped over the silliest of things. Ie you brought my alt off my main I'm going to strip you. Wtf get over it that's not a strippable offence in my book

    Have a huge osw and strip over legit war. Alls fair in live and war.

    End of the day the games about respect and honour. Respect all players and treat them as you would wish to be treated and no drama. Act like a jackass. Your going to wind up naked at the hands of someone who objects to your attitude.

    Farming isn't wrong so much in this game just move on if a victim doesn't want to fight back or can't.
    "Farming" an account half your size is gutless anyway so it goes back to honour and respect.
    Want it. Keep it even and one v one and give respect
    Without that you deserve all you get in my book.
  12. Asking a question on morality and attaching it to an on going war prohibits further comment.
  13. Nice to have a little bit of history in AT :)
  14. I have been fail stripped over 10 times.
    Sometimes i pretend im asleep then bank when the strip happens.
    I use a tactic i call trickling to make it appear as though i have my gold out and didnt bank. Basically dropping pots so i dont go dtw.

    The end result is they think they stripped you but you actually made it out with minimal damage done and will most likely be ignored as a target. Osw is fun but it gets old. I like having another way out besides surrender.

    Try it. It works.

    Yes i have cleaned out/helped clean out many accounts. They deserved it.

    There is nothing wrong with striping for any reason. Good or bad. This is a war game. The morality of it is neither here nor there.
    Be aware that when you act like an ass you more often than not get ganged up on and called a bully. This is the nature of kaw.

    Eat snacky s'mores
  15. To comments on first page, 2 bil isn't really a lot of money...
  16. This is '09 stuff Cracker. 2b was a lot of money
  17. Oh, sorry. I failed to realize that then. Yeah, that is quite a piece of money then in those terms.
  18. And it shouldn't be looked at as that bad. If it's a target that just didn't expect it, and didn't truly deserve it, then yeah it could be looked at as bad, but if they trash talked your clan, constantly farmed you, or challenged you head on, then by all means go for gold.
  19. Also, i joined this game way too late. I only found out about it january 7th 2013...
  20. If you don't want to be stripped don't be in a osw clan or piss one off...it's the most effective tactic in winning an osw...more people you strip the more you break the opponents spirit and make them ask for a cf