War Stripping Debate

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  1. I've been stripped, but never let myself sleep during that time, so I wasn't cleaned out. I have no adverse feelings for being stripped cuz it makes wars painful and rewarding, in my opinion.
  2. Gosh I remeber this.... Been forever since I seen this but yea stripping is alright is a game... Wish I posted something on this a Long time ago
  3. Stripped of 560billion, y'all can shutup and stop whining, if you have a problem with stripping then strip back!!! Noobs....
  4. I have been stripped many many times. 60b here 100b there. Honestly I would have been hcbc by now if I would have played the system. But with that said, If I would not have been stripped I would not have got to witness IG dismantle the rangers and have a Pwar forfeited to me for pay back. BTW thanks tornado (Red)
  5. Tiny moon some players get stripped of trillions and never make a mention of it, so really you're the only noob on this forum, maybe you should shutup, as you say. Noob
  6. The rest got cut off. The rest said thanks tornado and IG for that. I also would not have seen two food friends start a clan so us three could fight an entire clan because of a strip. We burned almost every pot we had but was worth it. ( thanks raid and depree). If you have not been stripped then your not playing the game. Way to many noobs with high stats now a days. Heck I bet at least 40% of players don't even keep a full count of def pots or if they do it's under 100 of the high level ones
  7. People are aware this thread dates from '10, correct? Before T4, before highlands. 60bil put you on the value lb top 50
  8. Wish I joined kaw at this time. There is so much more trash talk nowadays.
  9. Holy crap. I just noticed I posted the first day this thread was upo_O

    I thought my newb days of having no idea what the hell was going on lasted longer than until Feb 2010.

  10. Time to start stagger bumping HTSS threads.

    Mods, the more of them that are in Best Of, the less bumping will occur :D
  11. It's funny to see how much inflation lands and EB's have brought. Back then 12b was quite a big strip. Now it's just an MP strip. Lol
  12. You're such an "old man" Shol lol 
  13. This is really a totally different time. Wished I played earlier.
  14. Thanks Darth :lol:
  15. it's the fun part of the game! strip or be striped, sleep, don't sleep, wake to strip! it's the addictive part of the game, most large clan are built from years of osw it's what makes them so close! you watch your friends when they sleep and they watch you!

    Yeah iv been striped 300b is the most i think? It's just more fun trying to keep what u have. Gives the game it's edge!
  16. Good read
  17. How did they not suggest spy defence towers back then? :p
  18. I have been stripped 400B. This is a very interesting read.

    Cheers Val!
  19. Enjoyed the read.