War Stripping Debate

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  1. In the current war, KaW War III, both sides (IG vs. Foxes, Chaos, Voodoo) have been using a strategy called "stripping" or "cleaning out". It involves letting the target going to sleep, buying their allies, and stealing all of the gold. The target goes to sleep maybe with 12 billion gold worth of allies and wakes up with 0 gold and 0 allies.

    Recently, Pollyanna of the fox clan has polled some IGs on their thoughts of stripping. Is it moral to destroy one's hard work overnight? Is it really worth the gains?

    My question to you is:
    1. Have you ever been stripped? If so, what are your feelings of the experience?

    2. Have you ever cleaned out another account? How do you feel about it?

    3. Is stripping moral?

    I, myself, have been cleaned out before, and I have participated in the cleaning out of an opponent's account. My feelings? It is a horrible thing to do to destroy one's months of hard work overnight. However, I do what is best for the people I care for.

    Let the discussion and debate begin!

    -blumpy the renegade and Pollyanna
  2. It wouldn't be a problem if people just banked their money on potions
  3. If you have troops, you must have allies to increase your plunder bonus. This can go up into the billions to max plunder bonus.
  4. I got stripped and it sucked!!! Lost abt 2bil within 90 mins over night. I don't think it's right, as that's hard earned cash used on nobility points (if u buy them that is) or just lots of time spent.
  5. I don't really find stripping someone actually fun

    it's like how kids fantasaize about the old pitched battles with knights and swords
    now we have big guns and stuff but in the end swords and shields are always funner

    the old style of pinning somone is way cooler than just... Hmmm... .... ... ... ... 
  6. U joined the clan ur clan went to war so it's ur fault if u lose all your money but that's a risk u will take if u like ur clan and once you have like five million don't put it into allies put it into ur kingdom or other important things don't keep 2billion lying around
  7. That's mean if you are doing it to others in a war. But if it's doing it onto a farmer then he deserves it.
  8. Its happened to me before i hated it but now im friends with da people that did it and its all good
  9. I just see it as an effective war tactic. There are no "rules" of war. If it works then by all means do it. If someone does it to you that's the price you pay as a "soldier" in your clan.
  10. I haven't been involved with strip-farming yet, but wouldn't joining a clan offer protection, and retalliation help? Also, a clan could assist u with gold to start up ur ally collection again.

    If i see buddy in my clan being stripped while their asleep, can't i spy kill his armies and then scout their spies to death? (yeah crystals) and keep 'em pinned so nobody can farm 'em?

    Just a thought.
  11. It isn't one person doing the whole strip farming thing, it's a whole clan buying and attacking at the same time so thtthe person loses everything in minutes
  12. @hairball, money can be stolen whether or not your opponents have spies. You would simply be making it easier for the enemy to steal that way.
  13. 1. Have you ever been stripped? If so, what are your feelings of the experience?
    Yes, bad.

    2. Have you ever cleaned out another account? How do you feel about it?
    Yes, alright.

    3. Is stripping moral?

    Not really.

    Hope my answers help :p
  14. Thanks for the meticulously long explanations of your answers, Rajang :D
  15. Is war moral?
    Not really
  16. Sometimes i'm such a noob. 

    okay, i'll bite: can u help your buddy?
    How can u protect urself?

    Being strip-farmed in minutes could be a quick washroom break. Scary!
  17. Is fighting for your beliefs moral? Possibly

    Does that justify war? Maybe
  18. @hairball: best protection is to never sleep. Ever. And stripping takes hours lol.
  19. I'm a firm believer in war. Without war the. World would be a boring place. Alot of people hope and pray for world pecs but I bet if there really was peace alot of people would hope and pray for war.