War Rewards

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  1. War community is dying. I was in a 15v15 indi and there was only one tier that war and tbh it was a bit sad. We can’t expect changes to war anytime soon due to devs not putting much effort into it. However I believe if eb and ee leaderboard rewards are the same, it would attract a lot more new players to war. I believe they used to be the same before but idk why it has been changed, but I do remember a lot more people warring back then. Adding onto this, another idea(which not many people will like) is to have a minimum overall rank to cast for war, for example the top 30k on overall leaderboard. Maybe top 20k. Purely to prevent players from casting new accounts and action hunting for top 10. Anti-social is notorious for this atm, in the 15v15 indi when he had the option to assn a bottom diver and get actions and help the team or scout bomb a bottom and get actions and leave, he chose option number two. Spit on him.
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  2. ye the games dead lol
  3. I agree, except for small players being able to war, all should have the chance
  4. Most small players have ownership of larger accounts. Smaller players could sit at their stats and action hunting for t10 all the time so it’s one thing to cross off
  5. Add aqua and inferno to war spoils