War Proposal To Satisfy Everyone

Discussion in 'Wars' started by CrAzyTriStEn, Feb 21, 2018.

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    Another statless alt

  2. Yes Man!
  3. Just limit bfe/ bfa/ charms based on cs

    No 50mcs or less should have 1Tcs in bfa or more than that in bfe.

  4. Couple of things from someone who was actually there when what you describe happened:
    It worked because size was capped but it did not make as much money for the devs
    I don’t believe that forcing people to fight will work but incentives will. Give people who win a certain number of wars building token and unique top tier equipment- 2 to 3 times as powerful as what you’ll put out this season. People will war

  5. If you was there, then you know that growing was next to impossible. Speaking from the point of osw & war experience. It's a rough slow road, players that established their build made alts of varying sizes just to negate that cap. Fact remains, pve was brought in to keep this game alive. Only reason Kaws still around is because Nk/Hte/Zta pratically fund the game. I was around before hte, xtals were not bought by the hundreds like they are now. They turned hte into a permanent thing after it was supposed to be "one weekend only". Simply because it was a massive incentive for people to spend money.

    Pure PvP would kill this game, huge accounts would funnel funds to alts & huge spenders could afford to keep you from growing. While PvE is seen as evil, it's a nessacary evil to keep this game going.

  6. This game isnt going. Its become the very definition of redundant. I like the idea, but a simplier one, that i suggested years ago, would be to make the br bonus come from a war. This would guarantee clans war every other day, win or lose. People dont like new growth either, but theyll do it for a plunder bonus. 7% for the loser, 13% for the winner.
  7. Wanna know when I knew this game was done for.
    1. The "KaW Road Map" they hyped up for so long and never delivered.
    2. When they made HTE a permanent, 24/7 EB instead of a special weekend promo EB. At that very moment, this game became a short term cash cow (that was 3ish years ago), hate to say it friends but that short term period is slowly grinding to a halt and ALREADY we are seeing the disastrous effects (gold inflation, even Equipment/Charm/Furniture inflation, Case openings, disparity of CS due to outrageous lands).

    Prepare accordingly friends.
  8. For reference I am not against these kind of EBs but when they were made full time 24/7 then the intent was tainted by greed and thus it rotted everything.
  9. Don’t see the problem? What about those pushing there 30T+ upgrades that they need over a week to save for?